Flesh & Blood Drama CD-series listening club ⛵ 🎧

Okay! Let’s do that! I’ll close the poll and post the planned date for the rest to see. :slight_smile:

Edit: Next Drama CD will start on June 10th. Here’s the thread for the discussion! ^>^

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Please share any suggestions for changes to the scheduling. This is just a first attempt to not have too much in one week, while still not making things overly slow. The next release is extra long! ^>^

Of course, suggestions for changes can be made anytime, and not just before we get started as well. :slight_smile:

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I might’ve gotten really lucky yesterday! I’ve been searching for reasonably-priced copies of F&B CDs 15 and 17 with their first-print bookmarks for a while now, and both popped up on secondhand sites yesterday! They’re the last two I needed!

15 I was able to snag easily, but I’ll have to wait a few days for 17, since it’s on auction. >.< Man, I’m so excited; I hope I can get it. I was shocked to see 15 pop up yesterday, let alone both at once.



really happy for you! ^>^ :sparkling_heart:

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@eefara I’m replying to you here rather than in the threads to let this discussion take more space and not disrupt the flow of the comments otherwise.

I’m starting my new job this week at the national archives and now I’m pretty overloaded. I’ll get back to F&B, but I was just too nervous and wanted some other bigger distraction for the weekend in the end - so I picked up gaming again. And now I can’t stop.

Don’t worry about pushing for it, getting back on track. Just do it in your time. I’m also at the theatre performance. I think I set up the next thread? probably, so don’t think too hard about me, and just do your own pace for now. I’m not on hiatus, just my usual (now or later funk, on or off mode-sort of).

We could talk about pacing going forward? Would be good. Because, frankly, neither you or me are that good with the schedules. And with just me and you. I think we could do them more like rough estimates to let ourselves have some sense of the passing of time?

to be less theoretical: saying tracks 1-4 are 2 weeks? Or just give a final rough estimate for the whole Drama CD release. Or for each CD for cases when there are several CDs. So you get some time estimate to plan for if you wanna, but you can in fact just post as we always do, with spoiler tags and whatnot. After all, some of this formalia is about not posting spoilers, and neither of us do. So, it’s not really a big problem I feel, to make the format more loose and just suit our lifestyles better. - unless, and I think this is also valid - we need the schedule to give us both more urgency to get on with stuff. But, I do feel that I’ve been held back mostly, because, I do stop listening at some point when I get too far ahead - and then I have a rough time getting back on track.

So, once I get going I wanna go as far as I “feel like”, have the “attention span for” and so on. Then I pause. Or when the story, allows it best. But, not just randomly, in a set pattern like a schedule is, when it’s not really planned according to the story-flow. It just throws me off, I confess. ^^’

Let me hear your thoughts and opinions and we can just make a good compromise. It’s not that much of trouble to make a schedule, so if you want that - just go out and say it! ^>^ :heart:


Whew, thank goodness. I was worried you were sitting there, shaking your head at me wondering why I’m so bad at time management. :rofl: Congrats on the official new job by the way! I don’t know if I ever got to say so. What games are you playing? :eyes:

Since it looks like it’s pretty much just us holding down the fort, I agree with you that being much looser than we’ve been with the schedule so far would work better for our case. You for being able to go at a more natural pace, me because I think I’m pressured more by other people posting than a schedule that I can accidentally ignore with no issues/consequences.

I’d say at this point it would probably be most efficient to set up a thread, leave a spare post for planning/etc needs, then just go at it sans schedule. Maybe we can do it like we’ve done with the main F&B book threads, and just create them all at once? That way we don’t have to worry about it in the future. I’d volunteer too, but I’m probably never going to achieve Regular status on WK with how little I casually browse, so I’ll leave it to you if that’s okay? And I can help maintain them after they’re turned into wikis.

(Ah, no need to worry about doing this anytime soon; looks like we have up through CD 6 already in thread form, and that’ll be enough to last us for a while.)

Anyhow, thanks for the update! I feel like I can feel some stress and such leaking into your post, so I hope you’re taking care of yourself! Don’t worry about F&B, book or CD; it’ll all be here when things swing back in that direction for you~

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Than you so much for all the best wishes! I’m taking them to heart, and it can’t be helped, but I get stressed from moving from one habitat to the next and not know where to lurk! XD

It’s going to be interesting and people are really nice, so I don’t mind them. So, that’s a good one. But, my mind is very preoccupied!

I though I would be in more vacation mode still, before, but yeah.

I think I’ll still set up individual threads, unless you oppose, since it just makes it easier for other people to read through afterward and follow along, if they wanna revive a thread. Perhaps with others? And to keep spoilers apart as well. I know, not our problem, but I’m thinking about any silent forum readers that might wanna join at some stage. :thinking: What would be more practical? I’ll sleep on it for sure and as you say, 2 threads are already up, so yeah.

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Yeah, individual sounds good to me. Like I said before, no rush on them, and if you want to do the bare minimum (create thread + make OP a wiki) I can handle filling out the details if needed.

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Sound like a deal! :+1: :grin: Great working with you! :green_heart: (I’ll be on hand to do stuff as well of course, but, I’ll make wikis for max flexibility! )

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