First burn! Plus question

Woo I got my first burned items today! :smile:

I’m having trouble remembering which day words use nichi and which use jitsu. there’s 毎日 mainichi and 何日 nannichi, but 近日 is kinjitsu not kinnichi and 先日 is senjitsu and not sennichi (and that’s not even counting 今日 which is kyou except when it’s part of konnichiwa) … is there any good way to remember which is which? I mean, aside from brute force memorization. If I knew Japanese and were just learning the kanji I’d be closer to fine, since I don’t think sennichi is a word, but I don’t, and to my ears sennichi and senjitsu are equally plausible.

(I will admit to sometimes using odd mnemonics – e.g. the distinction between 上げる and 上がる I remembered because け kind of looks like it, and so the one with “it” took an object and the one without didn’t – but I can’t get anything for this. )


If you use the language a lot (read, talk, listen, write), you will get used to these different readings in no time.

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I started to add several symols to these fiendish 日、人、月、物. So for example when the reading of 日 is にち, then absolutely always Nieztsche will be there doing ridiculous things

… you know Nietzsche, right? If you dont:


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