Finding writing prompts to improve

Does anyone have suggestions for writing prompts to make a habit of writing each day? While the daily routine thing is the go to I find after a couple days it gets samey or shorter and shorter.

I wish there was a resource like that where your challenged to write what you know about something or some event.

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I did all these and got maybe 20k characters out of them or so, so that could be a start

the key for me though was to just run with any thought I had that came up. Like 10, what is your dream job, for example. Rather than just answering it in one word, I would take the time to talk about my dream jobs I had as I grew up and why, and what caused them to change as time went on. Also my current job, and why my dream job is my dream job.

I found it wasn’t easy at the start to do a lot of those things, but I quickly realized that was more of a language issue than a prompt issue. Being able to just naturally flow and branch off is a skill that required training in my experience.

Anyways, now that I finished those, I use assuming there is nothing that came up in my day that I wanted to discuss or anything.


Did the first day’s one, got quite a bit done. I really like these prompts. has a once a week (?) site wide writing prompt along with a haiku prompt and a connect these two random words in a sentence prompt. On the discord, there’s someone who asks a near daily question.

You could also take something like a quote/poem a day calendar and write about your response to/thoughts on it.


I am looking for more handwritten-oriented stuff. I like Reshuu’s writing stuff and still do it from time to time, but I am looking for something to get me writing a few paragraphs or enough that I am expressing a whole idea and not just a sentence or two.


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