Writing kickstarters

Hey everyone,

Do you guys know of a good resources that incents you to writing?
I mean I’ve been on and off about this due to the lack of inspiration. Sure I could write about my day but it’s often work for the most part and it’s way too complicated for me to write about it in Japanese for the moment.
I’m thinking simple topics in order to use the words I learn here.
How do you guys come up with this?

lol, I thought this thread was about literally writing a kickstarter page, which I have some experience in so I clicked to offer some advice.

Try getting the HelloTalk app on your phone and replying to other people’s posts.


You could google for ESL writing prompts. I’m sure there’s plenty out there. Presumably they’ll be less likely to be focused on difficult subjects.

This was the first result when I checked.


That’s clever, thank you.

EDIT: I’ve found this one which might be interesting for rookies like me

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