Finally back! (I got ill)

Heya guys!! thanks for all the support on my last sad post about going away and losing touch with my studies.

well, my friends from distant shores (a poet i know), i can finally say i did my first reviews and lessons in a month today!!! in that month i have travelled across countries, been to a 100k person festival and… caught covid (oops haha still suffering now XD)

but i’m back!! thank you all for your kind words, and cute animal gifs!! i read them everyday and they really help me, i am so so soooooo grateful for you all!

if anyone else is suffering like it was, YOU GOT THIS!!! I believe in you brother/sister/friend!!! one step on your own road is a step towards that horizon!!

see you there!!!



Se you on level 60 B)!!

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Welcome back and good luck!

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