Filtering of Kun readings in Wanikani

Hey my cuties,

i noticed a problem recently which i occur many times in Wanikani, where i have more trouble remembering the kun reading rather then the on readings.

That´s propably because i get more lessons overall with on readings, so the tendency of read-training them is much higher, and also the on readings share often the same reading even if its another kanji.( kou, shin, etc)

I was wondering if theres an option for filtering kun yomi reading vocabulary in wanikani or a userscript avaiable.

Do u guys have similiar problems, and is there any good solution for this?

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One tip is to stop thinking of them as readings. They’re words and they appear where the Kanji represents actual words rather than readings.

Like, 年上. Each one of those is a word on its own.

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Personally I tend to have the opposite problem, since on readings are so similar to each other and tend to be used in “big words” whereas the kun readings tend to be part of common words. I know some kun readings are really long like 承る(うけたまわる) but I find that for burned kanji when I see a new word in the wild I often remember only a kunyomi word and not the onyomi reading. Maybe it’s just a personal issue on my part. Maybe some more exposure from reading would help? Some kunyomi readings are more obscure but I feel like a large majority of them are quite common.

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