FeistyPotato's Study Log Revival: キャシーの学習ログ。

Hello and welcome to my study log! My name is Cassie (キャシー)!

I started learning Japanese for fun in 2020, but when the pandemic started, I stopped taking lessons due to social distancing. Now, four years later, I’m picking up my Japanese studies again! I’m restarting with self-study and planning to take lessons again once I work my way up to my previous level.

I used to have an old study log that closed, so instead of updating that, I’ll be posting all new content to this one. I’ll be using this log as a study tool, achievement tracking tool, and accountability page. Feel free to follow along my journey if you’d like!

June 24, 2024: I made it to WaniKani Level 2!

June 30, 2024: I made it to WaniKani Level 3!

July 10, 2024: I made it to WaniKani Level 4!


I made it to level four on my birthday! Only 11 more levels to go before I’m where I used to be!