Feature suggestion: WaniKani badge for LinkedIn

I have a feature suggestion: How about a awarding people who have successfully passed all sixty levels a badge they can share on LinkedIn?


It’s been brought up before, in the suggestion on getting a certificate for finishing WK. ¨

But, the issue here are multiple: what does getting to lv 60 WK even mean?

-Having reached lv 60 doesn’t mean you’ve burnt all items = truly finished WK.
-You can install scripts to override wrong answers, and thus progress to lv 60 with little trouble.
-And finally, WK teaches only one aspect of the Japanese language, kanji, so finishing lv 60 doesn’t mean you know Japanese.

I think while WK is great at what it does, it’s probably safer to not make it seem like it’s more than it is. Badges, certificates do signal some kind of measurable merit, and without some kind of final test, there is just no way to know what people take away from using WK.


Oh, I wasn’t aware of the scripting issue and the meaning of burnt items. Both are good points.


I mean, much of that could also be said about language exams and online courses in general and those still give you a certificate.


I’d be embarrassed to put something like that on my LinkedIn page lol

WaniKani isn’t a professional certification of Japanese skills and it never strived to be one. It’s just a language learning platform


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What’s wrong with that?! It’s high time we stopped kink-shaming (us) weebs! :sob:


Many of the big cloud technology providers (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) provide certifications that you have to pay money and pass an exam for. But they also provide free badges for those who just completed their online training, without taking any official exam. People share these a lot on LinkedIn. My boss thinks this is cringey, but hey, if people shared “WaniKani Completion Badges”, it would be great promotion.

Thing is, there is already a much more robust tool for those purposes. It’s callled the JLPT.


Completing wanikani does show that you have some amount of grit and interesting in learning new (hard) things. If I saw it on someones CV I would definitely see it as a positive in terms of their character.


Google, Amazon and Microsoft are all big names everyone knows, so I can see why people present those certificates in their profile to be associated with those companies. But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that WaniKani doesn’t have nearly the same impact as those tech giants

And as @Logograph said, there is a more established way of certifying someone’s Japanese, the JLPT. So it’s not like there aren’t ways to showcase the results of the work you’ve put into learning this language


Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of use in a potential candidate for a position who can read almost all jōyō kanji, but can’t read any actual Japanese sentences or comprehend spoken Japanese. Like others have said, having a WK badge - even if the readers of your profile knew what WK was - wouldn’t demonstrate your abilities in Japanese like the JLPT does. I’d say at best you could put it in your hobbies section to say “I like studying kanji in my free time, I’m pretty good at sticking to things since I’ve been doing it for X amount of time”, but even that wouldn’t actually prove very much because of the lack of official credibility that WK has (script and cheat synonym your way to 60 for easy gold circle).


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I gotta say, with all due respect, that just seeing the word “LinkedIn” makes me cringe in levels like

Not a fan of the horrendous culture behind that platform. Just me, of course.


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The last one is probably the trickiest hurdle. In the six months or so it will take you to burn everything after hitting 60, every content addition will add another 4-6 months on top of that.

Or it’s just hit level 60 and that’s it, which kind of invalidates the extra work some people put in to keep up and get full burn.

If you want a certificate, a bit of extra work could probably get you at least Kanji Kentei level 10 after maybe 10 levels of WK or you could try for JLPT N5 after level 16 or so.


Plus, official certification for Kanji you can take exam like Kanji Kantei too