Suggestion: Certificate of conclusion or Statement of accomplishment

I really think that a certificate of conclusion/completion after the conclusion of wanikani is very important.

In my opinion this is important for motivation.

Koichi, I hope you see my suggestion. Thanks!


I think at some point they were discussing about the possibility of a T-Shirt for anyone who reach level 60. How was that turn out? :face_with_monocle:


This is the newest project I know of:

Apart from that… I still absolutely believe in the whole cake stuff :innocent: In case it is not true don’t tell me before I reached level 60, please :see_no_evil:

Anyways, welcome to the community @gadelhasan san :sunflower:


Wouldn’t completing WK technically be once you burned all of the items? There are still kanji/vocab to learn once you hit level 60 right?


Indeed. Getting to lv 60 is not the same as finishing Wanikani. :eyes:

The other thing is that WaniKani, as great as it is, isn’t in any way an internationally recognized method for language learning, which is why a “certificate” of any kind could easily be construed as falsely advertising that having done WaniKani means you can apply for stuff or get into places. That’s not what this is about.

You’ll need to use recognized language proficiency certification tests to be able to claim your Japanese skills in an official capacity, like the JLPT. It’s important to not confuse what we learn through WK as some kind of certification process.

Not to mention, we don’t learn Japanese using Wanikani! We only learn how to read kanji.

That’s just 1 aspect of what understanding Japanese and using is about. So, there really isn’t much to certify to begin with.

In the end, you’ll need to prove your language skills in more specific ways beyond having studied <2000 kanji.



I’d love a physical token for reaching 60.


As someone who’s intrinsically motivated, I don’t see the value of a piece of paper stating that you achieved something. I think being able to read and understand more Japanese stuff is in itself the reward.

Though, WK can easily create a printable PDF template for those that want it so the possibility of that happening is much higher than a celebratory shirt/cake (production/delivery issues).


Not sure why a random certificate from a niche kanji learning app would be very important :man_shrugging:

It’s not recognised by anyone and reaching lvl 60 doesn’t tell much about a person’s proficiency in Japanese. For that there’s already JLPT, BJT Kanken etc. Passing these tests will get you an actual proof of a certain level of proficiency. You can even add it to your resume.

And when you reach lvl 60 you already get a special email from Koichi, so that should be good enough for motivation :wink:


You’d probably never finish in that case, especially since they’ve increased the pace at which they add new content.


Well, I really think that JLPT and Kanken certificates is very more important, but wanikani is important too. Wanikani is, for me, the best site for learn kanji in the all world, and also the certificate is a paper register say that "I compreension most kanjis (or “I studied most kanjis”) " and a certificate of wanikani conclusion maybe is important for that, is a medal.

It would be a worthless certificate since no accredited institution would accept it.


Yeah, not to mention that OP seems to think that it means you can comprehend most kanji but there really isn’t a such thing as comprehending a kanji anyways. While I’m not personally interested in it, if anything like this were implemented it would be far from any sort of real credential and just a fun little thingy.

But since OP doesn’t seem to be leaning towards the latter, I shall be the Debbie downer of the thread and say that no, in the grand scheme of things finishing wanikani really isn’t “important”. It doesn’t actually amount to much ability on its own and doesn’t really tell much kinda like hermit said. I know it can feel like a big hurdle and that’s not to say you shouldn’t feel proud of yourself for finishing it, but it’s really just not the kind of thing to get a legitimate certificate for. I can say that with utmost certainty as someone who’s reached 60 and it seems like everyone kinda agrees.


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