Feature request: Can we have <> in Notes?

I tried to add Reading Notes for 合 today…

It’s <fit>ting to wear a < suit> without [GOO] on it. It is the ultimate [GOU]L of yoUr life.

…using ASCII LESS-THAN and GREATER-THAN signs. However WK decided that it’s an attempt to insert HTML tag and removed it. And it’s not like Notes support HTML tags - I tried tags for bold text and images, they also were removed. (Surprisingly, &lt; does work though, but it’s PITA to type).


It’s actually a security risk to let people input things like html tags. So they probably disallow it just to be safe (^^)

The &lt is interesting though…


I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to change the sanitize function they use to replace the ascii with the HTML-safe version.

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Yea, usually libs will handle this properly for you, but you never know how they do things :slight_smile:

Can you do \< and \> instead? Backslashes act as an escape character to give you the literal instead of trying to use it as the tag.

I just tried it on my own. You can type \< item\>. It won’t delete it if you include spaces in the middle.

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