Favorite Japanese music?

Yona Yona Weekenders - Who else listens to いい夢 when they’re stressed?
Kalma - Watching the music video for 親友 makes me inexplicably happy.
米津玄師 (Kenshi Yonezu)

Been really into Chanmina lately

Yuta Orisaka, Asagao - this is so beautiful

The mini-album too https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbGDPh2FUmXLT0uqLiE9fa3QY8F4_3yai

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned these guys here, but I really like them. Most songs have pretty precise and clear pronunciation, so it makes comprehending everything pretty easy.


魂の叫び Soul Scream-
君だけの天使 - YouTube 追われてる (feat. Zeebra) - YouTube

That ghost in the shell video is also a favourite of mine, it’s so wonderful.

Here’s a song I like by Maximum the Hormone:

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Ayano Kaneko is currently winning my ‘japanese indie-ish will slowly take over your spotify discover weekly’ award:


I know I’m late to this particular party, but I just sorta learned that Number Girl is a perfect band, and this is a perfect song:

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I tried to search through the thread and didn’t see them:

Creepy Nuts - Bareru!

Hope someone enjoys this as I have been kind of obsessed with this song the past month or so! Their other stuff is interesting and worth a listen as well.


Well, I like numbers and I like girls. So I must love Number Girl!

Hi, it’s my first time posting on a thread, but I needed to share this banger of a song. I first heard it while watching Japanese TV.

ヘビースモーク(Heavy Smoke) / にしな

my favorite japanese band is コシュニエ

my favorite until today is l’arc en Ciel, and I think it will always be

since the first I heard them in 1999 with rurouni kenshin ending the fourth avenue cafe

A very refreshing sound! Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Something old-school and mellow:

And something fairly experimental:

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Lately, Spotify and Apple Music have become great sources. A LOT of artists had their songs uploaded to streaming services in the past year or two.
Find some songs and artists you already like, like and follow them, and let their algorithms do their thing… I found some of my current favorite bands that way.


My all-time favourite is Camellia - not too many japanese lyrics but he makes absolute bangers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV4ggxLd_Vz-I-ePGSKfFog - if you like his stuff you can find more artists like him on the Tano-C label.

I also really like Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, they make some really good metal.

Some other artists I really like are Omoi, yorushika, a_hisa, zutomayo, inaba kumori and TUYU.


Current mood:

is there a recommendation of website to get lyrics for japanese songs that would connect with a script to WK and only show the furigana for already learned words/kanji?

Gesu no Kiwami Otome
Polkadot Stingray
Indigo la End

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It’s so epic and beautiful.

Hiromi and Masayuki Suzuki for the win baby. Also those 2 Ryo Fukui albums (first one is Scenery, forget the other one) are pretty good. I’m kind of just a sucker for Japanese Jazz fusion in general though.