Face Masks and "To Wear"

I’ve been researching the verb “to wear,” and have found it varies a lot more than it does in English. I want to make a cute sign for my desk that says “Please remember to wear your mask!” and I want to use the right verb.

I suspect strongly that 着る is out because it seems to only refer to things you wear from the shoulders down. My best bet so far is 被る, which is “to wear” and also “to cover,” but I’m only seeing it in the context of a wig or a hat. Can someone smarter than me or more experienced point me to the correct verb?

While we’re at it, if you would post how YOU would say “Please remember to wear your facemask” in Japanese, I’d be interested in the whole thing.

It’s する for this kind of mask usually.


I see signs like that around my school.


Yah. する is used for all manner of accessories and extras.


It’s like the swiss army knife of verbs. :sweat_smile:


Also 着ける, I think.

I second マスクをする. If you are looking for a more formal way, you can also use マスクを着用する, which is often used in more formal notices to employees, official visitors etc. For example:

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Yeah, I just had a review for that one, and the explanation explicitly mentions face masks. It is just the badvirus type masks that use する, or could you use 着ける as well?

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I have used 着ける with my Japanese friend several times, and have not been corrected. She usually does, since she also teaches Japanese, and seems to have high standards for me, too.


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