Extremely buggy radicals in wanikani

I’m now at level 54. I found a buggy kanji, i want it to be corrected. There is 2 kanji which has bugged radicals.

  1. lvl 23 kanji: superior → 優 → wanikani radicals: heart, winter, forehead, winter, hundred. In this kanji hundred is not right because hundred has only 2 lines in them not three. BUT!!!

  2. lvl 55 kanji: grief → 憂 → wanikani radicals: ground, heart, winter, forehead, self. This kanji only differs from the previous one that it has only leader radical to it. so it supposed to be the same as superior + 1 radical but its not. it’s also 5 radical as superior kanji and wanikani says ground, heart, winter, forehead, self!

First question: How can be two kanjis has the same number of radicals when one of them only differs from the other one that is has clearly one more radical!

Second question: How can superior be made of the hundred radical when it has one line less! You corrected it at lvl55 because in grief you don’t use hundred radical anymore but self and ground which is correct.

Please correct the lvl 23 kanji too. It doesn’t have hundred radical in it! it cause confuison in students that 2 kanjis which is different because one has one more radical has the same number of radicals in wanikani!

I’ll save @anon20839864 the trouble and tell you to email hello@wanikani.com. The team seems to want all bug reports to go there, especially kanji/radical related ones.
It’s easier for them to manage through emails, I think.

Again? I wrote many letters. I tired. It seems i am the only who find bugs. I don’t know its because im hungarian, ot its because im learning japanese in accelerated speed.

Very weird. I’m sorry they haven’t responded to any of your emails.
We can also ping @Viet here, so he’ll notice this thread. Although, I think something like this might really be more of @Koichi or @anon20839864’s responsibility.
Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you further. : /

EDIT: I was just thinking you could easily COPY+PASTE what you’ve already written in your first post here into an email and send it off. No reason to type it up twice.

Kristen has previously mentioned there’s a large radical overhaul in the works which has resulted in rewriting many of the mnemonics. Chances are they have already been working on fixing this.

I’ve looked up the email address we have on file and I don’t see any returns in our customer support system. Are you emailing from a different address? You can PM me.

This is more of a content concern, so @anon20839864 will address this.

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I just double checked our emails and I don’t see anything either. If you did send something in and it went to spam or didn’t get through, I’m sorry about that. The best way to report errors like this is to email them to us so that we can fix them, but because we never got any of your emails we had no way of knowing about this inconsistancy.

As a few people have said, I am currently doing a radical overhaul on the site so this will be fixed once the rest of our changes are ready to go live.

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@anon20839864 Will there be any announcements about the radical changes soon? Like more details or a go-live date?

*leans in closer to listen*

I would love to know that too.

I would be interested in community-powered radical names, like just call “grief radical” or “sad face radical”. Of course it doesn’t have to be in Kangxi list.

Perhaps, try to create largest radicals possible based on SKIP code, that is, how would be see a character if you divided it into 2 parts. It would help with visually similar Kanji, too.

The kanji frequently are off by a line from the radicals, or have a different shape to the prototype radical. This isn’t a huge deal when it comes to WK’s goals. They’re not teaching us how to write.

Not until I’m close enough to finishing to have a date in mind. I’m not going to throw out any estimates until I’m sure I can hit them.

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Makes sense, thanks for the response.

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