Radicals issue

At first i thought i have mistaken something but the kanji 更 and 再 really don t share the radical for leaf or ground, even if its completly showed as the same. Kinda confusing if u ask me.


The thing about WK’s radicals is they don’t really match the actual radicals in the kanji anyway (at least, if they do, it’s by chance). They’re mostly decided by building a mnemonic around them.

That said, I do agree that is confusing, especially since it doesn’t really get a mention anywhere that WK’s radicals are not the same as radicals elsewhere. Ignore me it’s in the knowledge guide.


The very first line on this page.


There are other kanji that don’t really use the radicals they’re supposed to, but I can’t think of any right now.

I think the Ground and Slide radicals are sometimes used for different strokes that don’t really look like the radical, but calling it ‘Ground’ is better than having some random unexplained line in the kanji that we can’t identify.

Shows what I know :joy:

Do people actually get linked to the knowledge guide explicitly though? I don’t recall ever seeing it (not being difficult here - I fully acknowledge there’s a very good chance that’s just me not paying attention), and I don’t really remember my early WK days well enough to remember what’s explained and what’s not (plus, the very early WK days were like… 5 years ago or something? Maybe more? Stuff may have changed).


I’m in the same boat. I started years ago too. But I think they recently changed the onboarding process so I don’t know if it’s there or not.

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Until you do your first lessons, you are constantly bombarded with this pop-up.
The link goes to Doing Your First Lessons | WaniKani Knowledge

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