Extra Study Burned Kanji Only

Hi guys!

I’m back from almost a year long break! Not to say I’ve been taking a break from Japanese, but I hit my milestone of 40 and just needed one. I’ve been doing a chill pace of 10 lessons a day, but I’m back in full force with the GPS set to 60.

There’s a lot of new features like the extra study. I would love to go back and review all of my burned kanji just to double check I know them all and to discover if I had forgotten any.

It seems like I can only do all of my burned items (including vocab) and my reorder script doesn’t work here.

Is there any way or script to just plow through kanji lv1-40 back to back?



I’m not sure on a script, maybe someone else can provide that, but you can always just go the kanji page of each level and manually review them yourself. Anything you feel shaky on, you can resurrect.


Yeah just tried and you can do this with reorder omega


This seemed to work, but I’m noticing some kanji from higher levels than where I am show up if I copy this preset. Any work around to only learned/burned?


I think I figured it out. Thank you for the reference!


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