Extra SRS possible?

Would the とふぐ team consider adding a variable SRS window for those of us who need more reinforcement?

I am doing ok, but I am constantly having to leave WK for other apps because I need more reinforcement.

I am thinking of an “SRS timing” setting where I could put new items on 5 for repeat hourly for six hours (or whatever) vs 1 for the standard timing. Somehow this would all scale properly. This would get me more rounds of practice.

Thank you for the stickers!

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I know there are scripts you can add to do this, but personally I’m not using any scripts and I don’t want to. However, there is a great method to get extra practice and that’s the Iversen Method. Plus, it gets your eyes away from the computer screen and onto good old-fashioned paper, and gives your kanji writing a little go too!


Side note, it’s とうふぐ :slightly_smiling_face:


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