Extensive listening challenge 👂 (2022)

I’ve actually seen that one! Definitely a good pick. You’re dead on about how unlike the tropes or… really anything else that that movie is. Years ago I tried a Satoshi Kon thing, but that didn’t go as well as I expected it might. That movie is definitely taking it a solid step further, haha.


Been a mega listening weekend. Will put things behind detail curtains to not grab too much space


I finally finished シグナル after watching episodes 1-8 last year (or maybe even in 2020?). It’s a really good show, but much harder for me to watch because the scenes can be so emotional. Highly recommend it, though. I still have the stand alone special that came out last year to finish yet, but the first season is done!
I remember when I started watching it I strugggggggggllllleeeedddd to understand what was going on. Tons of rewatching scenes, looking up words, dissecting dialogue. Now I’d place it as somewhat easier than 密告はうたう, at least for the last two episodes. It overall uses less flowery phrases and has more back and forth quick dialogue than long monologues (I personally struggle more with those).

Some random 1st episodes

Also watched the first episode of ケイヤク which, surprise! is a crime drama. This one seems to be a BL crime drama of some sort and there’s already 3 actors from 押井刑事, which I loved, in this show. Basically about a yakuza member and a cop end up working together. I won’t say why as that’d spoil the ending of the first episode.

Also watched an episode of たびくらげ探偵日記 - verdict is still out for me on this one. It’s pretty easy to understand and follow along, I just don’t know if it interests me enough to. If you want to practice listening to casual male speech (men in their 20s) this would be a good show to get that practice from.


I started 私の正しいお兄さん (4 of 8 episodes done. Half hour episodes). It’s about a girl with a big brother complex who meets a guy who reminds her of said brother. He has trouble sleeping - unless he’s with her - so naturally he asks for this favor. Reason I kept watching but spoiler for end of first episode: annnnnd he’s a murderer.
This show is incredibly easy to follow along with. No JP subs and I almost feel like I’m cheating at “studying” by watching it. Probably because it’s more focused on the romance than the other aspects. I’m somewhere vaguely in the intermediate plateau so I’d guess this to be a good show for people at low intermediate? It’s not beginner friendly vocab or pacing. Mildly violent (one scene so far).
I’m mostly just enjoying the absurdity of this one and want to see where it goes.


I also stopped listening to the audiobook for 君の膵臓を食べたい because I just wasn’t enjoying it. This wasn’t a huge shock to me because I read another one of the author’s books before and sincerely disliked it, but I felt I needed to try his most famous work to give him a fair shake. His work is quite popular based on Natively so take that with a grain of salt - if my tastes don’t already align with yours, don’t weigh my opinion too heavily. :wink:
I started 謎解きはディナーの後で and it’s been going ok. It’s a pretty standard detective comedy so enjoyable to listen to while out on walks, but nothing amazing. I have to focus more when listening to it compared to something like コーヒーが冷めないうちに but I’m never lost listening to it either so it’s a nice little listening challenge for my current level.

Currently at 22/400 hours for my yearly goal.