Extensive listening challenge 👂 (2021)

I’ve added quite bit of nice BLCDs to my preliminary post that you might wanna take a look at. If you’re lucky, you might get some used from Amazon. :eyes: I really recommend the BLCD Wiki for all your inquiries into what to listen to. (all in Japanese, so you’ll get some reading practice as well :wink: )

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Interested in tracking how much listening I’m doing



Anime, no subs. 2 episodes
Vtubers 2 videos


Sure thang! It’s a wiki now.


I’m in!

I should definitely practice listening more. Most of the time I only listen to things with Japanese subtitles/scripts because otherwise I understand much less and I’m a coward :laughing: I should probably work on that.
Unfortunately I won’t have much time for Japanese over the next couple of months, but then the last 3ish months of the year should be better. Bit tricky to account for that when deciding on goals. I decided to keep them somewhat low for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I split my podcast line into two (one with, one without subtitles) - if I just put down “x podcast episodes” I will probably chicken out and only use the ones with subtitles. Hope that’s okay.

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Big thanks! ^>^

Let’s all share some listening practice that we intend to do! :headphones: :grin:


You can now enter your own entry and Oishinbo is certainly not easy stuff to watch without subs! :eyes: Feel proud of yourself! ^>^ <3


For me the biggest obstacle listening-practice-wise is I’m at the level where I can understand a decent amount if I pay attention… but I need to pay attention, and I’m generally really bad at just sitting and listening to something. So currently all of my listening practice is mainly while doing something else: unsubtitled 人造人間キカイダー or wrestling while doing Anki reviews in the morning, English-subtitled Ultraseven while exercising in the evening. Which probably doesn’t amount to much actual practice.
Most of my Japanese subtitled listening practce honestly probably comes from video games, which I’ll keep tracking in the extensive reading thread I guess.

My goals are pretty scattered, but I’d like to at least make an effort to set aside time to watch more stuff with japanese subtitles and stuff with no subtitles at all where I actually try to pay close attention the whole time.

I’m sure I’ll talk more about what I’ve been watching later, but a couple quick plugs if anyone is interested in tokusatsu:
A company called Mill Creek has been putting out really wonderful blu-ray collections of the Ultra series shows, and I’d definitely heartily recommend Ultra Q if “like the Twilight Zone but with more giant monsters” sounds appealing to you, and the original Ultraman if you want to know what a cultural icon is all about and again, see a lot of cool giant monsters. (just avoid the steelbook editions - they aren’t worth it and seem to get crushed in the mail frequently)
Also, this youtube channel has a ton of great stuff that would have to be hard to find (at least outside of Japan) otherwise. It got a lot less appealing for English-speakers after Youtube ended community subtitles, but hey, that shouldn’t matter to you if you want listening practice right??


There’s this podcast I haven’t listened to since last year after JLPT was cancelled. But this thread motivated me to pick it up where I had left it, so I listened to episode 135 of HiikiBiiki today :tada: @valkow Thanks for making this thread! :raised_hands:

I don’t have any goals in particular when it comes to listening, but it is something I have to practice if I want to pass N2, so I guess any goals will be related to that. I’m considering buying the Shinkanzen N2 listening book, so maybe that would count towards a goal? :thinking: Have to buy the book first though, hehe.


I’m not sure exactly what you mean. I overplanned my listening goals, or I overplanned the thread? If you want to expand, or if you have any feedback (considering there is plenty of flexibility here), let me know.

Seems good to me! Glad to have you. (And you too, @Nemuitanuki and @ekg and maybe @NyappyTiramisu. :grin: @ekg, I’m going to link to the listening practice thread in the top post. Let me know if that’s not okay!)

@rodan I also have this problem. If I’m listening, I’m usually multi-tasking… I tell myself this is still practice, but I am fully aware it’s not as good of practice as if I concentrated more. Good luck with your goals and your focus!

@Redglare Awesome, glad to hear it! And I definitely think the listening book would count as a goal. I’m not sure what’d it go under–textbooks? :thinking: But whatever it went under, it sounds like good practice.


All right, goals!

Out of my 10 goals for 2021, four involve listening comprehension.

  1. Finish an Arashi variety show episode 7 times per week
  2. Finish 20 dramas without subtitles
  3. Listen to a book 12 times (12 different books or repeated books)
  4. Watch at least one episode of 10 different anime without subtitles

I am keeping up with the variety show goal, which I would make one without subtitles except a lot of the available episodes are hardsubbed and I’m not good at not looking. I’m just barely on track for the book goal (aka I need to give that a bit more focus but the situation isn’t dire). I’m ahead on the anime goal as it’s quite modest, though I mostly did those eight first episodes months ago. And I’m behind on the drama goal! Not horribly behind, because a couple months ago I saw my peril and started a more concerted effort, but it’s not one that would be easy to catch up on late in the year, so I would like to get on pace within the next month or two.

Dramas I’ve particularly enjoyed this year are 監察医 朝顔 (season 1), ホタルノヒカリ (season 1, rewatch), 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ (rewatch), and レンアイ漫画家. The last one is the latest one I’ve finished, having aired in the spring season, and while it is really kind of a mess in a lot of ways, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :grin:

I don’t always watch really stellar, quality shows right now. Not that things need to be quality to be enjoyed or recommended, but… but I know that I’ll miss things, so I sometimes choose things based on “I’ll probably enjoy this but also if I miss things it’s all right,” sort of feeling. Even understanding a lot, not understanding a really key line is so frustrating… which is why I’m doing a lot of listening practice, yes, yes, so that someday I will understand better.


Oh no! But the information is still in your deleted post if you click on the orange pencil icon! It won’t be formatted nicely, but at least you wouldn’t be starting from nothing…


Thanks! I didn’t think about that…I’ll give it a try! ^>^

It almost feels scary to delete another post, but it seems like my post is on there now! :joy:


Maybe you can join me and @Nemuitanuki in the Oishinbo thread? The episodes have been put on YouTube, in an official Oishinbo channel. So, that’s a good way to get some listening practice in.

But, I think that also switching medium might help you want to listen all by itself. I think that’s the charm of audio dramas. They’re acted out stories, so that makes for an enjoyable time just listening. ^>^


Aha! Looking at your well-organized table, I see that I was not good about communicating just in general, lol. Sorry about that. Let me try again.

  1. With the wiki post working as an overall collection of overall goals for multiple people, I meant the medium column to be ALL of that thing. Or at least broken into big chunks based on something (genre? difficulty?)? So rather than in that post having a line for each drama CD, the line would be for the medium that is drama CDs, with your current focus in the realm of drama CDs getting a mention
  2. Then the yearly goal would be for the whole medium, and (this is the part I really should’ve put in better, I’m sorry) goal numbers would be (how much finished) / (the overall goal). So if you want to listen to 100 drama CDs in 2021, and you’ve listened to 30, it would look like this: 30 / 100
  3. And then the current progress would be for the focus. This part it seems like you’re doing, but just to be clear
  4. This is an awesome table and I’m not saying scrap it or anything. Maybe it could be in a post and then linked to? The big username above your table could easily be made a link anyone could follow to see the detailed table
  5. Finally, these were just my ideas for the thread. To me, having the wiki post be for overall goals seems easier to organize and look at, especially if we get more participants (!). However, just because I started the thread doesn’t make me the Decider, so… if anyone else would like to pitch in? @ekg If you feel strongly you should be able to break it down like that in the wiki post, it could be I need to change my assumptions around. It’s not like we have a line limit (or should we?! hmm), I’m just thinking of the one post everyone’s big goals goes in becoming hard to read and edit and enjoy <3

(Removing the subtitle column and such is fine with me. :+1:)

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It’s just that it’s very hard to get an overview of the specific goals when lumping them all together. That sounds like chaos. I’ll be listening to these all at once, in no particular order. And, it would be nice to keep track of when I’ve finished one of them, so that I can feel the progress and make notes of it. So, that’s why I ordered it the way I did. For my own sake. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, as long as we are this few users in the wiki, I don’t think it much matters. If that changes. I can remove my post.

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That makes sense to me. Thanks for explaining.

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@rodan I see you’re watching 映像研には手を出すな live-action! Have you watched the anime, too? That was one that I watched the first episode of raw, but it was too good, lol, I was frustrated at missing things, so I haven’t watched past that. How is the live-action?? I wonder if it would be easier to understand (more fully)… (I don’t know why that would be, except that maybe the speaking might be a little slower during some scenes?)

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I haven’t actually started the live-action! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I got the blu-rays because I was curious and I really like the show and the manga, but it doesn’t come with even Japanese subtitles so I’m intimidated. My usual exercise slot is OK for JP-subtitled stuff at my current level but NG for no subtitles at all since the exercise bike makes too much noise and I really gotta pay attention… so I haven’t gotten around to starting, it’s just next on the list.

I figure having seen the story in two mediums can only help comprehension-wise at least! Although my first impression is also fairly skeptical of how I’ll like it since the drawn personality of the characters is so much of the charm of the series. Hard to really imagine live-action stars who look like live-action stars on a TV show pull off those characters in the same way… but maybe they find their own way to do it!

I’ll keep you posted though when I do get around to it eventually!

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Oh, maybe I should read the manga first, then, from the same idea that having seen the story in another medium would help with comprehension! Smart, smart. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about the live-action. :blush:

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