Example Sentences: Unfamiliar Kanji/words

I have one frustration with the example sentences.

I understand the need to be able to read the Kanji alone (obviously), but pretty much all sentences, especially for earlier lesson-folk, have no idea what any other kanji/words are in the sentences.

Could we have the example sentences have the hiragana assistance above the unfamiliar kanji? Again, I fully understand the need to learn and recognize kanji/words, but with all but one word in a sentence being unrecognizable/unlearned words, it doesn’t do anything for me most of the time.

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Alternatively (which I recommend), install yomichan and use the scan feature.

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I actually have yomichan, it’s just the feeling of losing that ‘whole sentence in one smooth motion’ reading that divorces me from trying to use it as a study method. I’ll try the furigana!

I would love to have 2 or three relevant example sentences per vocab that only use what has been learnt before. A mouse-over function to show reading would also be cool.

Maybe there are a gazillion people who where born in Japan and love the current examples - so don’t remove them - just add some that really help understanding the vocab in real world context.

I tried the userscript that reads the sentences aloud - but I would very much prefer a human voice that reads the sentence. Then there would be no need for furigana.

I would shell out some cash for this feature.

Probably a ton of work, but I’d prefer to have audio recordings of the context sentences. I often try to test myself by reading the example sentences, but without an option to enable furigana, I never know if I’m saying it right (even if I understand the meaning). If they did decide to add furigana, I’d love for it to be disabled by default, with the option to “reveal” it after.

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