Better mnemonic for middle (中)

The lesson makes it looks like Chewbacca’s crossbow and thats fine. Since the On reading is chyuu (ちゅう). But its obviously two mouths (口) kissing and going Chuuu. I remember it a lot better with this way.

Hey, careful with the autocorrect there.


Not so sure it’s wise to think if it as two mouths since it’s drawn as one rectangle.

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I mean, one would have to know that the kissing sound is chuu to fully grasp the mnemonic you suggested, which isn’t the case for everyone. I certainly didn’t know about it when 中 was taught to me.

I don’t really understand where exactly there are two mouths in this. I guess it just shows that it’s a more personal mnemonic than the one WK uses.

Yeah, I do not get the chuu sound and the mouths either.

I’m new(ish) to wanikani but have some exposure to the language as my wife of 14 years is Japanese. Is this kanji not usually pronounced なか?

なか is a kunyomi while ちゅう is an onyomi. A kanji can have several readings. Jisho also lists うち and あた as kunyomi.

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I guess because it looks like two 口!口, but its obviously written with just one 口 and a line though it.

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Shouldn’t they also add the okurigana? 中る (あたる) same meaning as 当たる, with extra emphasis on hitting in the center. (I’m asking because I don’t really know Jisho)

You’ll often come across examples where you’ll feel that you have a better personal mnemonic than the waninaki one. Use yours, you’ll remember it better!
I also didn’t use the same mnemonic for middle. Mine was this is the train track going through the middle of the square, and the train goes Chuu!

Yeah, the okurigana was there too but I didn’t think it was relevant to the question and even risked confusing OP

Ah, I see! Instead, I got confused :sweat_smile:

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