*ekg's leech battle blog - a study log of sorts

The idea of spaced repetition is to learn the most amount of material in the least amount of time. If 3% of the items take 20% of your time, you just delete them. In some SRS software, this is what the leech recognition does.


Before this get into some kind of discussion, but this is my study log now, people! Please take it elsewhere! :wink:




Will the leech battles have Scott Pilgrimesqe fight sequences with a mix of stylized animation and practical effects?


I certainly hope so… then pop up a month later like


Kanji clouds form in the sky from evaporated radicals. Then, when the kanji cloud becomes massive enough, separate kanji form vocab and pour down in vocab rain. The fallen vocab forms streams of sentences which unite into the rivers of text and flow into the ocean of language.
Then, under the heat of sunlight, small radicals start evaporating from the ocean again to form the kanji clouds in this never-ending process.

In other words, @Ekg さん、頑張ってください!


Good luck @ekg さん! I’m rooting for you! Those leeches don’t stand a chance :muscle:


Thank you! <3<3<3 I’m certainly hoping to come out on top! ^>^


Well, I’m suspecting that the kanji-clouds will become a cycle of sorts as well! :cloud_with_rain: After all, as I rise further through levels, or unlock new lessons, there is always room to acquire even more leeches! :joy:


My first word cloud had all my leeches that had a value of 2 or higher in @prouleau 's Item Inspector (some had a value 7 :sweat:). That gave me around 70 leeches. This also corresponds to the amount in the leech trainer I’ve been using.

Now, this wordcloud, uses instead the setting @prouleau proposed of 1.01. That gives me a total of 151 leeches! They’re multiplying! :scream: (or rather, always was lurking there in the darkness o_o)…I feel like I’ve been dealt a near fatal blow here…


But, I guess, this is a truer image of the mountain of leeches I’ve acquired through levels 1-30. Some of them on lv 1, because, WHY NOT! :joy: (I dunno what it is with me and counting numbers in Japanese, but we’re not friends, alright! :expressionless: )

Enough, talking, this is the full leech cloud for now, lv 31. >_>

There’s a lot of transitive - intransitive steam going on in that cloud. :sweat_smile:

I have improved somewhat in that regard, but I still manage do blow it when it comes to burning stuff like 下げる! ;>_>

Well, the fight is on! :pouting_cat:



Well, if you’re auditioning for the role of leech-battle-animator, I won’t stop you! :wink:

Me, I’m gonna stick to GIFs! ^>^


Here is a tip on how the leech value calculation works. When you see an integer value this is almost always because you had failed you last review. The number corresponds to the total number of time you had been incorrect since the items was unlocked. There is a separate count on for meaning and reading and the bigger of the two is shown.

If the leech value is not an integer then you are ongoing a streak of correct answers. This number progressively decreases as your streak gets longer.


Thanks! That helps me a lot to interpret the data. That first kanji-cloud truly is of my worst offenders! :sweat_smile:

Also, thanks for making me learn an English term I’m not using daily! ;>_> (I haz the stupid right now).


ohh the transitive - intransitive stuff… I can relate a lot. I’m hiding because I don’t study grammar and just guess the transitivity intransitivity in context … :eyes:

Did I miss something but how do you make that leech cloud??

In my case I plan to tackle leeches after I reach level 60. Most of the time they just “disappear” when I see/hear them in an anime or manga, but if they don’t, well, I tend to forget them in the long term anyway so I just let them be. Bad approach I know :woman_shrugging:t2:


I don’t think that’s a bad approach at all. Absolutely not. I’m like you, reliant on my weird self-taught understanding of Japanese grammar for one. And, I understand that unless I see a word in-context enough times (not just once or twice either for me), it’s not gonna stick long-term.

But, I also felt like my leeches aren’t that overwhelming and I might just as well just do something about them. Certainly the mistakes I still makes for Japanese number-counting. I do wanna get them down to a T. :triumph:

As for the situation with the transitive/intransitive verbs…I feel a bit like before I started WK: I’m hitting my limit for self-teaching myself these things. To improve my understanding of Japanese vocab better I started my WK journey, helping me get a much better understanding of Japanese words by learning the building blocks: kanji.

And now, I’m starting to feel the need to formalize my grammar knowledge. Or at least approach the vocab I’ve learned in a more structured way? :thinking: So, that includes addressing my vague intuitive sense of which is which when it comes to transitive/intransitive verbs since they are turning into leeches for me.

I feel like I just need to do more old-fashioned repetitions of those words. Probably by hand in my case, since muscle memory is a great help for me. But, I’m still thinking of the logistics of my leech hunt. :slight_smile:


If you want you may configure the streak information to show in the tooltip. You will see how the healing process goes There is one streak counter for meaning and another for reading. This will let you know which is giving you problems.


@ekg 先輩 has a study log!? 頑張れ‼


Thank you! I’m moving up in my studies…or down…It’s really hard to tell yet! :sweat_smile:


I added you to the Master List of Study Logs. Feel free to remove yourself if you don’t want it in there!


No, that’s great! ^>^ Thanks! I forgot about that. :slight_smile: