Effective ways to memorize vocabulary

Hello everyone,

I am visiting a japanese course and we have certain vocabulary to learn and that are at least 200 new words a week.
I tried anki and some other apps. I do memorise the new words after some time, but it does not seem to be that effective in a short time frame.
Do you have any recommentions on how to memorise a big amount of new vocabulary in a short time?

Than you very much :pray:

For me this raises a lot of other questions. What course is this and how long are you keeping this up? Can you tell us more about your goals, and what else is involved in this course and your life? That might help people make better suggestions

if you have free time, writing that words would be my first option.

If not, you create your own mnemonics. The problem is if it is 200 per week, then your amount will be huge in a short time (you are asking for large amounts of leeches here), even here on wanikani I dont learn 200 a week, my max is 40-45.

third option, quit the course and find other that suits you better.


A way is trying to join those words into one story. And actually it doesn’t have to be in Japanese or a paragraph.

200 per week is still a lot, though.

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Anki. But also, practice using the words in context (for instance, writing sentences) so that you’re not learning them only passively, but also actively.


This is a course at university, we have 3 leassons a week and we usually learn a new topic every lesson, that means, new grammar, kanji, plus vocabulary.

Read. If that doesn’t work, read more.

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Do you actually have to learn all these words in a week?

Or is it a “just so you know what they mean and reinforce them throughout the lessons”?

Because I don’t think anyone would say 200 words a week is reasonable.


It is sadly important to know all of them, especially for the exam, because of listening comprehension.

Are they all new words? Or is it like 50/50?

I imagine the exam is not weekly, so you can take more time to study them?

I cannot say 50/50 more like 80 out of 100. We have to additionally learn 18 new kanji and the vocabulary from the kanji book and grammar. So there is not really much time for all.
Is there an app like wanikani where i could type in the correct answers?


That’s rough, then. Good luck.

Usually hoping students learn like 20 words a week is hard enough.

What’s everyone else in your class doing?

Do you know anyone that has taken this course who you can talk with?

What do the teachers suggest?

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Actually I am a bit too stingy for quizlet, but maybe it is still worth trying.
Thank you very much!
The teachers say if we fail the exam we should consider whether we continue studying japanese or not. The other argument was if we don’t manage we are lazy or not talanted enough. Teachers dont motivate me at all.:smile:
Other students dont have it easier, many who are doing good, had knowledge before taking the course.

looking at N1 vocab deck set at 30 new words a day :sweat_smile:


Anyone who’s been here for more than a brief moment knows you’re unreasonable, though, WT :wink:.

One thing OP could do is use Ankis “cram mode”. Click on your deck, hit custom study, select study by card state or tag, select all cards in random order, click choose tags, click ok.

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Stingy? It’s free?

What the hell. Switch schools if you can, or just study by yourself.

Is it a mandatory class? Or like are you studying languages?

That’s a shit approach/attitude.


You study 30 new words a day, but you’re not learning 200 words a week, are you?

You’ll learn them eventually based on the SRS.


Are you sure? I thought it costs money🙈

I chose it myself, I don’t want to give up. At least for now.
Thanks for your support :pray:

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