Ebookjapan added 3 manga volumes designed for studying idioms, etc

There are three books in the series.

ことわざ proverbs
慣用句 idioms
四字熟語 four-character idioms

They are meant for elementary school children and have furigana on all kanji, so you can focus on learning the key phrases, which are always in red text when they get used.

Unfortunately, they are a little pricey as far as manga go, at 918 yen per volume.

You can read a few sample pages on the website.

These kinds of things are not a priority for non-natives, but it’s cool to see that kind of resource on a general ebook site.


Ooh, cool. The idioms and 四字熟語 interest me the most.
Thanks for sharing!

If the whole thing is full colour, like in the preview, the price makes sense.

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Not derail too much, but is the blonde haired character some sort of Boy Scout?

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