Introduction to Japanese Reading Skills

Do any of you use this series? I’m going to start this soon and it would be fun to go through this together with someone.


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I haven’t heard about it before. Is it like a graded readers?

How is it? Do you have any previews of the content/layout? I’m interested, but I’d rather make sure I like it before spending 二千円 to acquire it.

More or less, but it starts at a higher level. Low Intermediate, somewhere between N4 and N3 grammar, WK level 20 kanji.

There are some pics below. I read the first 3 chapters yesterday and I really liked it. Each chapter is one double page with text and one double page with grammar exercises. 5 sentences per grammar point, where 3 sentences are from the text, the 4th has the beginning written out and you write the rest, the 5th is blank so you can make your own sentence. 8-10 or so grammar points per chapter.


First chapter text


First chapter vocab

First chapter grammar (page 1 of 2 of grammar)


Where did you buy it?
None of the sellers on amazon ship to Canada :frowning:

I bought it years ago!

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