eBook recommendations according to WK level

Hi folks, is there a list out there with recommendations for eBooks that could be read when reaching certain WK levels? For example a list with very easy to read books for WK users who just reached level 10. Then a list of books of increased difficulty for WK levels 15, 20, 25 and so on. Would be great to have a list of eBooks ordered by WK level, including a link where to buy or download.

Especially I’m looking for Kindle eBooks or eBooks that can easily be formatted into Kindle format. Also the Amazon Kindle store has over 70.000 free japanese eBooks, but which of them could be read on lower WK levels?

So if someone read one of those free Kindle eBooks (or any other eBooks), please post the name or link here and make a rough guess for which WK level it is suitable. Any recommandations are welcome :slight_smile:


Anything containing only kanji below level 20 or 30 on WK is going to be aimed at very young elementary school students. You might as well just look for those, but I would warn that their lack of kanji doesn’t mean they’ll be easy to read for a learner. They expect you to have the vocabulary of a native speaking child (so, like… more words than WK teaches, even if they are of the less complex variety) and will contain various levels of grammar that might actually be harder to parse with only hiragana present.

So rather than trying to find books based on the kanji they contain, I think finding graded readers, or manga that just have all furigana, would be a more fruitful endeavor for a beginner.


先ず thanks a lot for your posts Leeboさん. Secondly, perhaps you could help me with two questions related to reading children’s manga?

  1. As you said even children’s manga assumes more vocabulary than what WK teaches but at what level do you think it would not be too painful to try to read something like よつばと!I’m happy to look for words in a dictionary but not every single word… Pain is subjective but you have lots of good common sense so I’d really appreciate any input you might offer on this matter.

  2. By any chance, do you know if the website www.ebookjapan.jp has an app (desktop or tablet) or the only way to read their ebooks is using the browser?

Thanks a lot for any help! :slight_smile:

I haven’t read よつばと, but many people here have, so I would recommend asking in the threads for those. There are probably already discussions about that in those.

It does have an app. I sometimes read things while riding the train using the app. There’s also a desktop app.


Im sure this has been asked before but what level would you say covers most kanji in casual reading.

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I don’t know if this is helpful or not but I recently got the Eromanga-Sensei manga (yeah filthy weeaboo I know) and I took it upon myself to see how many kanji are from certain level groups. I’ve only done the first 16 pages are so (took me about half an hour or so) and planning to hopefully finish at least the first chapter some time soon and maybe do them for some other manga that I want to gauge where I need to be on wanikani kanji wise. If you’d like to see it here it is. Not sure if you’d consider this a casual read or not but yeah. :smiley: I’m sure Leebo will give you a better answer but this is just the info I’ve gathered from the first parts of this manga. Hope it helps!


My grammar is still lacking, but hopefully here soon I can start trying to read books.

Also I’m pretty sure a majority of people here are weebs xD

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Yeah my grammar is still lacking really bad too but I’m trying to find a kanji related goal to grasp onto right now before I go back into school, where trying to find motivation will be hard.

I’ll be taking a Japanese class this semester so getting an A will be the motivation lol. They over cover the first half of genki per semester so probably going to be easy I think. We will see

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Yeah I gotta take a world language but my school only offers Spanish and I’m not proficient enough at Japanese to test for a credit :frowning: Will be difficult doing two at once, but from what I’ve read they should be different enough to be able to learn both at the same time (albeit with difficulty)

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