Easiest lesson to date

Today I got 桃, 桃色, 辛い, 忍者, and 忍ぶ.


桃 もも peach. I read 桃太郎 early on when I started to learn Japanese so this was a gimme.

桃色 ももいろ - See above.

辛い からい spicy - This is probably one of the first adjectives you learn in Japanese.

忍者 にんじゃ - Ninja. Nuff said. LoL

忍ぶ しのぶ - If you know anything about Ninjas, Shinobi/Shinobu is easy sauce.

Probably the easiest set I’ve ever seen. What’s yours?


In level 52 you learn 鰐蟹「わにかに」. It’s hard to forget that one after being here so long…


The biggest “beginners know this word” to “you learn it late in WaniKani” mismatch is maybe 狐 in level 60 or 叔母/叔父 in level 59

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I remember being surprised by the kanji lesson at level 51.
With the skill level I had at that time, at that point every single kanji were completely new to me… but at level 51, suddenly there was 5 kanji I knew already:

沸 (Boil), 濯(wash) , 燥(dry up)
Those 3 kanjis are written on device like bath or toilet in Japan, so I see them literally everyday.

瓶 (bottle)
玄 (mysterious) The kanji is rare on its one, but the word 玄関(げんかん) is super common

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お風呂 at level 52 is also a good runner-up, made me laugh when I discovered it the first time.


Level 32 drops you several cherry related items. :cherry_blossom:

桜【さくら】cherry tree, sakura
桜肉【さくらにく】horse meat

and while it might not seem like the easiest kanji to learn….prison (lv 35)

出獄【しゅつごく】release from prison
脱獄【だつごく】jailbreak, escape from prison

…because they all make perfect sense and just builds upon the kanji you already know, with no strange readings or rendaku (a huge relief at that point). :sweat_smile:

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Damn is that bathtub?

I went on duolingo before coming to Wanikani, thats one of the early lessons.

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