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So sometimes I read and write things super wrong or totally backwards. I know exactly which words to look out for in English by now, and context will save me when I misread. As I’ve been learning Japanese, however, I’m starting to discover that dyslexia is unfortunately not restricted to roman letters!

Somehow the characters that give me the most reading trouble in JP are い and こ. る and ろ are the worst for writing (and those long うs).

(Though it looks like a lot of people have also been finding what I’ve found- that kanji is actually easier overall for reading and writing!)

If you have dyslexia, what have you had trouble with? Is JP easier or harder for you to read? Any particular characters that you mess up a lot?

There were several topics on this exat topic, I’ll share a search.link with you here:

Indeed! I found several topics that addressed how much easier Kanji can be, which I think is neat. Most of the old topics are closed though, and I didn’t see any that addressed whether or not there were specific kanji/hiragana that anyone found especially troublesome. I’m curious to know if there are regular pitfalls to watch out for or if it varies from person to person.

Ugh I hate おう. I have such a hard time hearing it since just about every “o” sound is actually a diphthong (o+u) in my dialect

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I don’t have dyslexia, but because of eye and optic nerve problems, I have many similar difficulties and have to use many strategies that work for people with dyslexia. Also, I tutor kids with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

The toughest thing for me is tracking the page. The lack of spacing give me a figurative headache, and the furigana are so tiny that I get a literal headache because my optic nerves go “NOPE” and reading vertically feels like I’m trying to relearn how to walk.

I can’t keep ツ ン ソ straight and ぬ ね め are tricky too, sometimes I just do not see the little loop that differentiates る and ろ and I can never tell if つ is meant to be big or little. I make a lot of silly mistakes getting kana mixed up even thought I KNOW what they are supposed to be.

Enough complaining. What helps me is working slowly and carefully, reading out loud, taking short breaks when I get frustrated or when my optic nerves wanna rage quit. Literacy has always been slow, difficult work for me :pensive:


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