"During the year"

Since I am not native English I am not sure what the difference is between “throughout the year” and “during the year”. Maybe there is a better way to say “during the year” in Japanese? I am curious ! :grinning:

Thank you very much !

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Throughout the year implies that something is continuous for the entire year. During the year implies that something can take place at any time within the next year.


“Throughout the year” isn’t necessarily continuous, but it can be, and it’s definitely repeated/often/regular. “During the year” doesn’t really hold those connotations.

I think “during the year” is probably better suited to listing things that you do or that happen within a year, while “throughout the year” is for things that are pretty much constant. i.e. during the year I might go on a small vacation once or twice, but I’ll relax at home throughout the year.

年中 also has an adverbial usage that means “always; all the time; perpetually” (いつも; 終始), which has much the same feel as “throughout the year; year-round”

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Incidentally, 年中 would mean both, no?

I am also not an English native speaker, but I feel the Japanese word captures both meanings.

Kenkyusha GG5’s glosses for it are “the whole year; every day of the year; at all times of the year; (all) the year round; throughout the year; in all seasons (of the year); at any season; from year’s end to year’s end; throughout the year”, and Daijisen’s entry is “1年の間。年間。” with ~間, not ~間に. So that doesn’t seem to me to include “during the year”.


I think I see what you mean now with the extra examples.

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I see. I understand now! :smiley:
Thank you!