Duolingo WaniKani Club

I have no idea what these are good for, but for all of my fellow Owl/Crabigator dual students, I made a Duolingo group for us :slight_smile:

Club Code: 2CUMKW


Huzzah. I don’t really know what anything is good for on there. I have like a bazillion “lingots” and nothing to do with them… Still fun, though.


It looks like you can give little pre-built responses in japanese, which can subtly teach you a couple of phrases. Kind of neat, I never joined a club before, so for me, it’s a whole new feature :slight_smile:

Aye, never bothered before myself. I also have a billion lingots, or something. I wish there were cool, even if pointless, stuff to spend them on.

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I know other languages get extra modules you can spend them on, maybe japanese will too, someday, lol

In all the other languages that have them, I have bought the addons and still have so many lingots that I could build a castle.


Oh yeah, I figured it would be like that. I’ve only been on it for a few months and I have over 100 or so

I’ve not been especially active for a long time, and I think I am nearing five hundred, at this point. And that’s after giving them away occasionally, buying bonus modules and bling for the owl.

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This is a great idea! I just joined. I don’t know what the clubs are for either, but I’ve been using Duolingo for a few weeks now for Japanese alongside WaniKani. :smile: Thanks for making the club!

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Yeah, no problem :slight_smile:

I started Duolingo a little before I started WaniKani a few months ago, been using them in tandem for a while now. I like running into vocab and kanji I learned on one on the other :smiley:

I started with a Duolingo a long time ago; the Japanese course is new to it, and has some issues.

I’m the bloke who posts full kanji versions of many of the answers (though sometimes the IME on my phone undermines me with substitutions for the kanji I actually want).


You deserve 10000 hearts for that, I love it when I see those :slight_smile:

Heh! Thanks.

For one thing, many sentences are very hard to read without kanji, and some simple sentences are actually ambiguous with kana only.

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I tend to remember vocab better when I learn them with Kanji, too. I think having the associated meanings makes it a lot easier for me to connect them.

Let’s all do High Valyrian, too :slight_smile:

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Ha, maybe lol

I’m totally doing Klingon when it’s released.

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That was you?!? Bless you

If you ever see anyone writing an overly long explanation (usually on particles) that’ll probably be me

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If anyone’s looking for something more advanced than Duolingo Japanese for English speakers, English for Japanese speakers will take you way further.


Aye, I have that one too :slight_smile: