Duolingo - Japanese course released in Beta

Duolingo has just released the course on ios. I’ve only completed the quiz to skip some of the basics and completed my profile so I can’t say what is like yet, but I’ve seen others looking out for it on other threads so thought I’d update those interested.

Time to improve my grammar!

Thanks. :blush: We’ve been discussing here:

Duolingo starting Japanese 18th May (Available for Desktop, iOS & Android)

I use Android/desktop, so it’s not available for me yet, but from what I’ve seen from screenshots and reviews…I’m not impressed. But I guess they need to start super basic for people, so it’s understandable.

I’m also coming from a perspective of learning from the Jap->Eng course they have, so I’m a bit biased. The Jap->Eng is rather extensive from what I’ve experienced thus far and doesn’t seem to hand hold you as much. I guess that’s a preference thing though.

Hopefully they can work out the kinks soon. I’m still looking forward to trying it out. :slight_smile:

Edit: Whoops, didn’t know about the other thread either xD

Thanks. I was looking for a recent thread but didn’t spot it.

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