Double check for Android?

I’ll be off on vacation for the next couple of weeks so I’m planning to continue my WaniKani reviews on my Android tablet. I’ve been wondering if the is a way to get a “double check” option on any of the available Android apps. Last time I used my tablet I ended up ruining a few reviews that were up for Enlightened or Burned status out of fast typing / mistyping even though I knew the answer which was really infuriating…

Don’t the android apps have undo?

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Which app? For Smoldering Durtles / Flaming Durtles, they are inside Settings >> Enable Advanced Settings.


I’m using Flaming Durtles. Checking the advanced options now on reviews subcategory but I don’t see something

Other advanced settings >> Special button n behavior

I think I might rather prefer Anki mode.

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Ah found it thanks :slight_smile:

Another option you have is to use Firefox Nightly. One of the native add-ons is Tampermonkey which lets you directly install scripts for WK.