Don't understand Gladiator radical mnemonic?

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The mnemonic for Gladiator level 9 states… “Someone shoved horns down onto your husband and said he has to fight for them now. They turned him into a gladiator! Now your husband has to fight for their amusement. Oh no!”

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 5.40.52 PM

But this looks nothing like Husband, and everything like Spring (same lesson). Is there some confusion or am I just missing the resemblance?

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Spring has 3 lines across and no “horns”. Gladiator has 2 lines like husband 夫, but with two extra “horns”.

The way you write the gladiator element is basically the same as husband after the “horns” are drawn. Horizontal, horizontal, then 人.


Thanks @Leebo, It seems like the “two lines with two going up” kinda gets drawn a few different ways but treated as the same thing? (just seeing how they intersect in husband, but not in gladiator). Similar to how the Spring radical seems to have a few different formats when in use?

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Are you talking about the exact point where the bottom line of 二 touches the middle of 人? Yeah, because gladiator is an element that appears on top of other things, it gets a little squished and deformed, but that’s normal for those connecting lines of things to change a bit.

Unless you meant it looks different in different kanji that use it… which I don’t really see.


Oh yeah you’re right, Gladiator just gets squished. It was Spring I was thinking of, since all these are given as examples of its use.

It’s not a problem (well not until I have to remember those kanji lol) but just something I noticed.

寒 is definitely weird since the two vertical strokes of the upper part of what I guess they’re calling spring don’t actually continue down to the parts at the bottom. It’s more like 井 (with a straight left stroke) on top of 一 with 八 and 冫 below that… though when you’re trying to write mnemonics and keep the number of radicals somewhat reasonable, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.


Totes thought you had your name in your Sect space for a sec, and was like ‘how?’… Glad I did a quick google before I embarrassed myself. Such a weird one :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help!! :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t really understand why they did it so that everything that used to say “Sect __________” now just says “___________” but I’m done fighting against it. Even when I change it it seems to always come back.

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I added Samurai as a synonym for this one.

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