Doing fine with reviews, but overwhelmed by lessons

I try to restrict the amount of reviews I have to no more than 200 reviews per day (so I can juggle real life things) though as a result, lessons have been piling up to massive amounts every level up I do. I am in a situation where going through my reviews is completely manageable, but the thought of having a ton of lessons to go through is overwhelming.

And sometimes I feel guilty about not getting to my lessons, with the fear of missing out on all of the cool vocab words I could have learned.

This is the current amount of things I have in my Apprentice box.

Has this situation ever happened with anyone? What is your advice for this?


Why are you still leveling up if you aren’t doing lessons? Are you selectively doing lessons for radicals and kanji but not vocab?


First of all stop using the reorder script to do the radicals and kanji first. If you do the vocab lessons then they won’t accumulate. If you want to order lessons by type, then order by first level, then type.


You should be using the script to organize lessons and doing vocab before you do kanji and radials. Otherwise, this will just continue to accelerate

Yeah, I am using a reorder script to organize lessons into kanji and radicals first. The problem is that I am trying to prep for JPLT N2 (so aiming for level 48) and am trying to get as much exposure to and learn as much kanji as possible in a short amount of time. I fear that if I put main focus on vocab, then I will either overwhelm myself with lessons or it would take forever to move out of a level and stall myself from learning new kanji

I’d argue that 1. vocab is as much if not more important for the JLPT and 2. you won’t fully learn the kanji without the vocab - both together work much better for your brain.


As a person who was going hard on studying kanji/vocab before N2, vocab is more important imo. You will not hear the kanji, you will not necessarily understand the vocab meaning if you know the kanji, and you need to know soo much vocab for JLPT, I was clueless the whole time. As Jp said, vocab is for you to reinforce the kanji readings and it’s at least the other half of the kanji - don’t forget about kunyomi. So yeah, don’t be afraid to spend time on vocab, and slowly start whittling that pile down. :muscle:


I don’t think you need to rush to get ready for December. You can go at a pace of like 12 days per level and get to 48 by then. That gives you a good amount of time to do the vocab properly as well.


That’s exactly what I was worrying about using the reorder script, I was also trying to keep up with the vocab and started to get overwhelmed by doing 30+ lessons a day. We should stop using it for a while :sweat_smile:

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I personally think that the Lesson Filter script’s way that is built makes it so that skipping vocab isn’t as tempting as it is on the reorder.


I actually use this one, sorry messed up the name. What’s tempting is wanting to level up quickly, I am also doing Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT thing, after getting more things wrong and realizing I can reach my goal anyway got rid of that temptation thankfully.


I don’t think I have ever burned a kanji in first try, which has less than 3 vocab items using it.


Seconding this. I’m on a 14-day level up plan (which got a bit messed up with covid messing up my work schedule, but regardless…). I only need to do about 12 lessons each day to stay on track and should make my goal of level 45 by Dec 2020.

Example of my schedule, starting at OPs level


It’s not perfectly planned–vocab for the last set of kanji doesn’t unlock until it’s Guru’d which levels me up, but I just count those in that next levels lesson count–but it gives me structure and makes sure I’m not leveling up before I’ve got a good chunk of vocab completed.

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Can I just point out that you’re already feeling overwhelmed with lessons? Like, that’s literally what you wrote in the topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re shooting yourself in the foot. Learn vocab with the kanji or they won’t work when you read or try to produce. A lot of people think they can just memorize the meanings of kanji and then puzzle out the meaning of jukugo (compou) kanji. Not going to happen. JLPT2 requires a very high level of vocab; this won’t be super helpful for you if you continue in this fashion.

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