Doing 7 levels in a month

I’m not sure what your motivation is here?

If you just want to get X hours filled, what’s the point of keeping up with your reviews?

If you really want to learn, maybe you can ask your parents for a special allowance. After all, it is for educational purposes.

Just doing WK for five levels or so isn’t all that useful, especially because WK orders its content by difficulty, not by usefulness.


Hi, just to be clear, I really am motivated lol. I love learning languages, and I’ve always liked Japanese culture. I want to go to Japan when I’m older and maybe even live there for a while.

The possibilty of making these hours count for extra credit at school was just a nice reason to make it feel like I’m actually doing something efficient for school instead of just learning it for myself, if that makes sense. My parents are already paying for one month of WK, and since there’s no high priority for me to learn japanese or anything, I don’t want to ask them to pay for a second month.

I will definetly consider paying for myself tho. If I won’t, I can always keep a vocab list and update it with new kanji and word I learn. My main goal for now is to understand enough vocab to start grammar.

Thanks for your advice!


Okay, thanks a lot, I’ll keep that in mind.
I don’t really want to bother the wanikani team with this, I’ll be fine. They can’t make exceptions or anything, and it’s not like I am completely broke.
Btw, everytime I see someone at level 60 I’m really amazed. Like damn you sure know a lot of kanji, and here I am with my 3 levels knowledge.

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If you’ve only got a month you’d learn more with Heisig’s RTK. This only teaches you the meaning of the kanji, but you could probably get through a third of that in 30 days if you set goals and meet them.

Anyone more experienced feel free to correct me if this is bad advice

You should always feel free to ask - the worst that happens is that people say no. So I say, you should still go ahead and email the team!

Anyway, good luck with learning Japanese, I hope you keep your passion for it, and have fun!

The workload also gets tougher as you go. I flew through the first 4-5 levels, and getting to 9 has already been more challenging and slow. Which I’m okay with! For the folks that race through at breakneck speed, I do wonder if they are retaining everything (perhaps they are studying on the side or are just naturally talented at languages).


Another solution to your problem could be using Anki with a Wanikani deck instead of Wanikani itself. This would be free and would allow you to work at your own pace.

If you’re not using Anki, you probably should! it’s great and allows a lot of customization. There are many decks you can choose from, and you can create your own and populate it with kanji/vocabulary you meet and want to memorize.


Hahaha, same thing here

The first 4 levels were kinda easy, and then… From level 5 onwards everything just seemed weirdly so much harder… Stuff wouldn’t get into my head… I guess I hit a wall =P

Although it’s embarrassing to think of it as hitting a wall, as normally others hit one a bit later in the game (levels 20-30), so it’s kind of pathetic I started hitting them at level 5 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

To the OP: go as comfortably fast as you can go, but obviously also being careful that you’re actually learning the kanji and vocabulary here, otherwise it would be a waste =P

After your month finishes (or even now!) check this fantastic thread:

Literally all the resources you could ask/dream/fantasise about. Many are free to boot!

I’m personally using some other sites from that list, because WaniKani will never be the one and only, forever (unfortunately :pensive:)

I hope I will see you back here soon in the future though, when you can have a subscription again =D
I do recommend investing the money in this site if you can, it’s the best I’ve ever found to learn kanji effectively and it’s worth every penny (this coming from someone that swears off subscriptions and is extremely stingy with money) :relaxed:


As someone who’s planning on racing through. It should be noted that my only goal is reaching fluency as quickly as possible, and then using that base to become more and more proficient in every area over time using Japanese-only methods. To that end I’m using WaniKani for one, and only one reason: learn Kanji recognition and familiarity. I won’t sweat the long-term retention of additional readings or vocabulary from WaniKani, because all the important information will be reinforced through actually learning and using the language. Though I must say, learning to write the Kanji and using KameSame for recognition is helping a lot with retention.

You should try Anki or memrise.
7 levels of wk is about 200~250 kanji of the most common used kanjis
You can just find them anywhere on free resources and learn.
Anki with the select yes/no answer input can actually help you do review quite fast. I would say much faster than wk (where you have to type your answer as input). Of course you will forget faster but it won’t be matter if you need to cram (and you can review later which offsets the downside imo).

I personally had used Anki to cram grammar (same as vocabs) for about hundreds of items in two weeks (for JLPT lol) and still remember most of them for the test. When it comes to language learning you don’t use them you just forget. So for your situation (since you won’t be using wk after your 1 month anyway. Maybe switch to other free resources in the beginning is one good way)

Check out KameSame. You can go through the exact same content as WaniKani if you want, albeit without the extra teaching information and userscript support. If you really need a more frugal substitute, then this is it. I almost decided to use KameSame without WaniKani myself, just to circumvent the hard speed limit, but ultimately I feel that the tools and information provided by WaniKani are more than worth it.

WaniKani only builds recognition, so even with a WaniKani subscription you should still use KameSame since you can import your WaniKani items as you learn them and practice recollection as well.

These scripts were the deal makers for me:
WaniKani Lesson Filter - reorder lessons by item type (critical for “speedrunning”)
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline - adds transparency to upcoming review schedule
Double-Check (Version 2.x) - correct typos & brainfarts
Stroke Order Diagram - Learn to draw the Kanji!
Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits - Don’t become illiterate in all but one font!
WaniKani Pitch Info - understand pronunciation a bit better

The OP’s issue isn’t a one month time limit. Their problem is that atm they only have access to one month of subscription to WaniKani.

If that’s the case, I’d like to recommend the Let’s Learn Basic Japanese

It’s an older tv series, but doesn’t really require prior knowledge and starts you off with both grammar and vocab. It’s all free on YouTube, but has a textbook you can buy off of Amazon or other places that sell used books. Even though it’s dated, all the situations are relevant to life in Japan still (or at least my experience currently living in the countryside. They speak at a natural, native speed, but also quite clearly. A bit later in the series, they go through the syllabary to help your pronunciation. Additionally, the humor has aged well.

Japanese from Zero is another useful series, but it’s more classroom style and less situation based. Additionally, George’s (the teacher) tangents and humor can be off-putting for some.

The Youtube series is free, but there are textbooks and additional resources that can be bought from George’s website.


Thank you all for the replies, you’re so helpful! I checked out KameSame and Anki and they seem great! I will definitely be using them. Especially KameSame looks like a good substitution for WK when my month is finished. Maybe I will be using Anki alongside it. As for Reisig’ s RTK, I downloaded a pdf, and I think it’s a useful way to remember kanji. Also, it teaches you different kanji than WK in the beginning, so I think it will be a nice resource to learn new kanji from that I can review myself (using Anki?)
I will have a look at the
Japanese Basic seems cool, a good resource for learning grammar and conversation. Btw, for grammar I found the yt channel cure dolly, does any of you know if she is any good? I’ve watched one video and it seemed alright (despite her creepiness). Don’t like how she talks about how her method is better all the time, but her approach does seem like a good one.


Oh memories! That “Let’s Learn Basic Japanese” was one of my very first resources! :rofl:
I want to rewatch just for the nostalgia, it is quite fun!

I never got around to watch the Japanese From Zero, I really should, cause I am using the books =P


A lot of people laud Cure Dolly, especially here on the forums. Personally her avatar and voice creep me out too much, so I’ve only seen a couple of her videos.

Instead of RTK, you may want to check out Kodansha’s Kanji Learner’s Course. It is essentially WaniKani in print… without the aid of an app. Though you obviously can find KKLC Anki deck’s that are complete and quite usable. $25-$30 or so for the book on Amazon which is less than a couple months of WK.

I just found it a little difficult to stick to KKLC myself as I need constant reminders to get off my butt.

AmazonSmile: The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering 2300 Characters (9781568365268): Conning, Andrew Scott: Books

7 Levels is about 245 Kanji. Learning the meanings and readings of 245 Kanji in a month and having them all down pat is very difficult.

As suggested by the users above, Anki decks or other resources such as Remembering the Kanji may be more helpful to your situation than WaniKani

Thanks, I will check Kodansha out. I’ve started my month WK today, and I’m sure I’ll get by fine after that thanks to all the resources people gave me. I’ve also started the Genki book, and despite people hating on it, I think it’s great!


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