Doing 7 levels in a month

Hahaha, same thing here

The first 4 levels were kinda easy, and then… From level 5 onwards everything just seemed weirdly so much harder… Stuff wouldn’t get into my head… I guess I hit a wall =P

Although it’s embarrassing to think of it as hitting a wall, as normally others hit one a bit later in the game (levels 20-30), so it’s kind of pathetic I started hitting them at level 5 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

To the OP: go as comfortably fast as you can go, but obviously also being careful that you’re actually learning the kanji and vocabulary here, otherwise it would be a waste =P

After your month finishes (or even now!) check this fantastic thread:

Literally all the resources you could ask/dream/fantasise about. Many are free to boot!

I’m personally using some other sites from that list, because WaniKani will never be the one and only, forever (unfortunately :pensive:)

I hope I will see you back here soon in the future though, when you can have a subscription again =D
I do recommend investing the money in this site if you can, it’s the best I’ve ever found to learn kanji effectively and it’s worth every penny (this coming from someone that swears off subscriptions and is extremely stingy with money) :smiling_face: