Does anyone uses IP TV services?

Recently I’ve signed up again for a japanese IP TV service, ForJoyTV (it’s the old FujiTV service… I know, they were a bit spammy :sweat_smile:) and wanted to both share how it has been so far and ask if someone is using a similar service, and if so in what way.

This is the 3rd time I’ve have signed up for the service but I think this time it’s a much better resource for me than the previews experiences I had with it. It has 83 channels and the possibility to view any of the content broadcasted in the last 2 weeks. I can watch it in my laptop or using an Android app, which means I get to use it with my Android TV.

I signed up the first time when I was about 1 year into my japanese studies and felt like a huge amount of content was available BUT very little was comprehensible, so besides some reruns and dubbed series it didn’t felt like such a huge addition to my immersion and after the 1 month subscription was over that was it.

By the start of January this year I decided to sign up again for 3 months, I was going for a long term stay in Japan and felt like it could help with my listening. I decided to make something like a routine watching the news in japanese; I never watch the news, so it felt whatever I could get from that would add to my general perception on thing happening around the world too. There was that and then I also discovered the Sumo tournament (!!!), which by then felt like it gave enough context to understand a lot of what they were saying during the broadcast and make it into something enjoyable to watch for the month that lasted.

Again the subscription was over, I was already in Japan, and felt like I was getting enough immersion to continue the subscription.

For the last month I’ve changed a lot the way in which I’m looking for content to watch, I’m actually just avoiding caring too much about the difficulty and just look for stuff that seems interesting and more in sync with stuff I would watch regularly when I don’t think of learning languages. If something turns out to be really out of my league, I’ll simply save it for later and try with something else.

For now I’ve resumed another hobby of mine, which was watching films and film related content. Most of the channels will have in their website the 番組表 (TV guide) for the month, with the highlights pointed. I think for me it’s an easier way to locate content when compared with Japanese Netflix for example, where I can be searching aimlessly for content and a lot of the time just sticking to the shows that I know. That and the fact that Netflix offer for documentary in Japanese its rather scarce.

There’re channels that will have some movies dubbed, and there’s also a couple that will have only dubbed movies, which has been a great addition. For now I’m mostly re-watching some of my favorite movies. That and movie related shows and documental have been are adding up to my queue list.

Forjoytv has the possibility to download content in their app, but I always considered very limited since you don’t get access to such download outside of their app . Little did I knew, I can also download the shows just by using Chrome and selecting download. I’m finding this to be a much better way to save up interesting content I find.

I’ll try also to do one thing that has been in my mind for a long time now, which is downloading the current dramas here in their original broadcasted version, which should then match perfectly with the subs that are released after every season here. So what do you know, I think this could be the “legal” way of getting J-Dramas with due j-subs after all this time.

Anyway I wanted to mention this. I’ve seldom seen a post with much info about these services, so I was wondering if there’s anyone here that actually use any, and how the experience has been.

Also, does anyone have like a regular show they watch on japanese tv? So far I’m watching 情熱大陸 on MBS. There used to be another one that I enjoyed too but it’s not been broadcast anymore (人間ってナンだ?超AI入門 on Eテレ).

By the way @elynchbell, I notice there’s this (銘酒誕生物語) series now on WOWOW. I remember you were quite into Sake, so you might want to chek it out. :wink:




Yeah… I wouldn’t have been able to make my post right if not for today been the day they made FujiTV ok again. :innocent:


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