Does anyone know what 地獄 means in relation to hot springs?

I’m currently working through some free graded readers at a low level and came across the word 地獄 which seems to translate to the English word Hell but it’s being used in relation to Hot springs and I’m not quite sure why. I can’t seem to find anything giving a different meaning to 地獄.

Anyone able to enlighten me on the meaning in this context?

Link to the book it’s found in (ようこそ別府へ):

Isn’t just because the water color is red?


It had different coloured hot springs shown in the book but that link you’ve posted has just answered my question. They actually call them the 7 Hells of Beppu so that’s why they used 地獄.

Thank you :blush:. I thought maybe I was reading it wrong and it had a separate meaning that I couldn’t find.

If you’ve been to a natural hot springs, there’s sometimes a strong smell of sulfur, which is associated with hell and part of why 地獄 is used in relation to them.


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