Do you think doing the Anki 10K is worth it at this point?

You seem to be doing a looot of SRS. IMO you should cut out on the SRS and spend more time reading, watching, or actively using the language. But idk I think anymore than one SRS is just boring and a good way to burnout. It’s highly individual though. Still, I would think about maybe sticking to one or two SRS and dropping the rest.

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I’d highly recommend trying out Japanese with Noriko. I’ve been listening to it for the last month or so and found it helpful. She’s also a lot less annoying than Teppei, and in particular doesn’t add obnoxious background music or spend the first minute of every episode singing badly. Don’t worry if you don’t understand much at first- just keep going and you’ll gradually understand more and more.

And that’s sure not the first time I’ve recognized a word in something after studying it elsewhere. Studying vocab definitely helps comprehension.

I ran into the same thing when listening to the Learn Japanese from Small Talk Podcast. They used the word かきごおり, and I was kinda shocked to hear that in the wild. I figured it would something I wouldn’t end up hearing for quite a while.

I still don’t understand a ton else, but I understood shaved ice, so I felt like a winner for about 5 seconds!

Doing my own decks now but considering WKEP or 10k too. I haven’t used the 10k deck much and can’t speak for Anki, but the Kitsun 10k deck has ~20,000 card values + audio/sentences which is too much to dive into randomly. I will probably use it with filter tags and what I want/need to focus on rather than just starting it from the beginning. I will probably custom hibernate cards even further then work backwards time permitting. Some JLPT deck quality is pretty random but 10k is much more polished. I think it’s worth investing some time organizing a strategy to get the most out of it.

I recall reading from @jprspereira on the Kitsun thread there are ~1855 unique words in the WKEP deck compared to the 10K (assuming Hinekidori’s list) but I don’t know how that number was determined. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any filter tags that actually separate the two lists at the moment but it’s been talked about.

@polv had a nice breakdown showing the amount of overlap between decks if interested.

This tag value exists in 10k deck (by individual level or whole WK set) if you weren’t aware. I don’t think you need to hold off if you want to get started.

That’s how it used to be, but starting in ep515, he plays music over the ENTIRE podcast.

True, it exists as a tab value, so it’s possible to hibernate cards by level, true.

It wasn’t a tag value in the Genki Complete deck though, alas.

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Yeah, it’s kind of amazing how often I notice words that I previously learned on WK. Just this morning I noticed 珍しい while listening to Noriko (and here I thought that the high levels on WK had rare words that never came up in practice).

That was only an experiment for a handful of episodes. He stopped doing it.

There’s really no relation of high level words being less common.

I’d do as @s1212z suggested. Kitsun’s Core 10k has WK tags (meaning they’re WK words) and L1, L20, L60 (meaning the WK level you’ll be able to read them). You can just go L tag by L tag, and push those cards to the front of the lesson queue. Genki deck is not close to Core 10’s quality imo and at your level, you’re just fine doing genki with WK vocab. WK covers N5 and N4 vocab pretty decently. I think that WK feature on Kitsun might also still take a bit due to the complexity of it (figuring out which field of the card is the right field to be checked in all the different templates).

I just asked hine to check it for me, so the number should be a safe one :stuck_out_tongue: Just a matter of putting both lists on an excel file and checking duplicates.

I need to ask for Neic’s help probably. I can’t export community decks anymore (old feature that was gone).

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Delted on Memrise and Anki is satisfying. The problem with Memrise it’s to do more than once I day(I don’t mind with WK) but with Anki it’s done in one sitting per day. I’ll have ton of words I can ignore.

Intresting…More than anything I don’t want to add another SRS to my studies but this one seems to be worth it for sure.

Yeah I only listen to a few Yotube channel in only Japanese for fun. I can understand idk 15-20% of what is said? I really enjoy doing so.

Yeah I only got some some words to make a deck out of words I’ve found with my texting parnter on Hellotalk. Really noice.

Not sure man. BUT the desciption said something like it would cover all 6k words. So that’s really nice to hear. I’m only doing it now because it’s too late to give up now.

Yeah I did burn out recently and cut a Memrise course. With college starting now it’s tough.

I don’t see any reason to give up. You have come this far, you might as well do it through to the end.
If you give up, you wasted not only hours of time, but also the money and resources you spent. Are you personally going to be happy to know how much effort you spent though?

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You could potentially also just suspend the first 1000 (or 2000 or whatever) words to eliminate the need to remove all the simple ones like する、見る、人 etc. That might bring the ones you have to delete to a more manageable level.

Then once you’re done you can go back and deal with those first words if you want.

It’s kind of what I did when I went through the core10k deck, though I’ve now switched over to mostly cards I’ve made myself. I still remove those I know on first viewing though.

Ohhh you’re right for sure. I meant cutting the amount of number of courses I do at one time. Not quitting them, I’m just doing three now as I completed others.

I’m sure as he’ll not quitting -.- too late to turn back now!

If you don’t mind I’d love to repost some of the podcast recommendations you’ve made on the Listening Comprehension thread, as that hopefully helps people find them. Or you could do it yourself if you have time! ^>^

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