Do you prefer a big pile of reviews or small ones?

But then you need to go to the toilet more often :thinking:

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Small! I start to get frowny if I have 15 reviews piled up, and if I get more than 25 I do those 25 and wait an hour before doing the next 25 etc.

I’m not a big fan of piles smaller than 5 either, though. XD

I do my reviews in other places too. It is just that I cannot finish my business until i finish my pile (of reviews, of course)

I have one new method of doing reviews in afternoon: 25 reviews - round of gwent, repeat until done. After that 10 lesson - round of gwent.

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I do the same with World of warcraft :sunglasses:

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How do you control your level up time?

jprspereira does a pretty good summary here of how he controls level up time:

This is getting so shared I might have to write a better version :heart:


Haha, get to work.

Also, on the topic of this thread, I prefer no reviews, a nap, and some ice cream. But since that is not feasible for learning Japanese, in the real world, I don’t really care either way. If there is a big pile, I break it into small piles of 50 reviews and conquer it slowly and feel satisfied. If there is a small pile, I conquer it quickly and am happy, but I realize there will be another big pile later so no need to be too happy.

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Mainly by using the reorder script. For the first 20 levels I wanted to level up as fast as possible (also because I already knew about 400 kanji) so I did radicals first, then kanji, then vocab. When I hit L21 I was moving houses so I took a whole month where I didn’t do any lessons, only reviews. Simply not doing new lessons for a while really takes the pressure off. After L20 I changed my strategy to radicals + vocab first, then kanji last so I won’t level up too fast with a batch of unguru’d vocab piling up. I took another long break from lessons when I hit level 30. I don’t want to risk burning out, and at level 30 you’ve learned 1000 kanji with is a pretty solid basis for reading simple texts.

I disagree, a nap is good for learning japanese :slight_smile:


awww god, gimme the big ones, for breakfast, with a cup of tea, while my pajama-smell hovers through the house and leaves behind nothing but rot and despair! uowou


Definitely smaller. I do my reviews as they come in throughout the day so I usually end up with 60-70 at most when I wake up.

I think the rot and despair kanji are on later levels…:upside_down_face::turtle:

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Which means only then I can get dressed and collect them? :no_mouth::grin::dog:

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I have just finished clearing over 300 reviews after not having time to really get on top of them… never again, small review blocks from now on… my brain hurts.

I feel exactly the same. So long as the pile doesn’t get to be more than 200, I prefer doing one big pile a day than coming back and doing a bunch of little ones.

I personally like small reviews. I need to beat each kanji in my head for like 10mins each for me to actually learn it.

Definitely smaller. Around 50 I guess.
When there’s too much of them, I start loosing patience and focus midway through and start making a lot of mistakes.
On the other hand, when is a small amount I can focus better on what I’m doing. Plus, it’s quicker, so it’s easier to have time to do them.

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Make it a thread, get it pinned, then linked in the FAQ.

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Seems like a good way for everyone to be able to see it :slight_smile: Will see what I can do. Thanks!