Do you listen to music when studying/reviewing? Should you?

I often listen to “lofi / chillhop” type stuff on YouTube while doing most anything around the house. ChilledCow (OP’s link), InYourChill, Chillhop Music, Dreamy - they all offer the same sort of similar-tempo non-vocal music that keeps my brain from trailing off. Plus some of them have really pretty images. :relieved:


I’ve been getting this lofi hip hop radio thing recommended on Youtube ever since it existed, never clicked on it though

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I’m very easily distracted so I need it to be as quiet as possible when studying. In fact I prefer quiet in general and almost never listen to music at any time any more. That said, if there is some annoying environmental noise, I’ll create some white noise like turning on a fan to counteract it. I’ve tried earplugs but they end up being just as distracting as the noise.

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Personally I listen to asmr when I want to concentrate or relax but everyone finds it weird :weary:
If not asmr then nothing… music makes wanna do anything else but study. Of course when I have to work on an easy course I do listen to my favorite music depending on my mood :clap:

Me, before reviews


I generally listen to ambient or even up-tempo songs, because without music I just can’t be bothered to do the reviews :stuck_out_tongue: I get bored… So the music helps me make the not-so-enjoyable moment a little better.

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Just don’t Pavlov yourself into only being able to recall kanji while listening to music. :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as I’ve heard it, it basically depends on impulse management.

If the work you’re currently doing is difficult and engaging, you don’t need any other impulses. So no music should be played. Think of learning difficult concepts or translating documents.

If the work is easy and not engaging enough, you could opt for some extra stimulus, for example music. Think routine tasks or browsing social media, maybe driving a car on a high way.
This is also the idea behind fidget spinners and fidget cubes etc for people who require more stimulus, like people with ADHD for example.

Just make sure that no two brain areas overlap, for example don’t translate a document and watch a movie in a foreign language at the same time. They both require your language center.

I mostly lean towards listening to music, as I require a little more impulses than average. I only listen to music that does not contain lyrics, as this could engage the language center. Things like classical, game osts, or those lofi hiphop mixes tend to be great.

It also has the added bonus that I’m not distracted by small things around me. I can be like a dog seeing a squirrel sometimes if a task doesn’t require all my focus, resulting in the task never being finished. :sweat_smile:
I always listen to the same hour-long tracks, and the familiarity makes sure that there’s never an unexpected sound, making sure my mind never focuses on any of it.


Brian Eno & Harold Budd, a couple of albums on a loop, always the same ones. Familiarity is good, nothing to distract me and helps prevent distraction from background noise.

OOoo I really like MADKID as well!

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Back in the day, I used to listen to punk rock music while studying and my mom thought I was crazy that I was even learning stuff…lol. Nowadays I still need music but depends on what I’m learning. If it’s something new like grammar, I need ambient sounds but if it’s like stuff I already know and just need a beat to get me going, there are times when I swap back to punk rock/techno/anything with a good beat…really anything that gets my brain moving :smile:

I usually listen to some light lyricless music while doing lessons/reviews. Something to take the edge off the silence. Also, being in an apartment strange sounds happen all the time, it seemingly helps.

As long as I’m not doing my wk I’ll listen to just about anything that keeps my attention. Work/Chores/Programming etc

The Silence is Deafening


Wanted to listen to some music when I started my reviews, so In The End [Official HD Music Video] - Linkin Park - YouTube it was. (Of course I sang.)

It was a review for guru’ing stuff, too. :sweat_smile:


:cry: Ahh, I miss him! Let me listen too while I do my 25 reviews today.

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Currently reviewing and listening to:


Interesting choice. She studied at the same school as me. Tragic life, died too young…

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Yup, there are far too few female jazz guitarists out there, and she was one of the best (male or female).

In general I like to listen to jazz while studying. Kenny Burrell, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane. If I’m feeling wild maybe Fela Kuti or The Mahavishnu Orchestra :rofl:


You‘re my man.


Great music but the lyrics are too interesting and distracting to let me do reviews.

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