Do you have a list of all the usual sounds you find in kanji reading each related to their typical mnemonic-image?

For example, something like

║ Sound  ║ Mnemonic-image ║
║ じゅ    ║ juice          ║
║ じゅう  ║ jewels         ║
║ じょう  ║ Jourm          ║
║ じょ    ║ Jo-Anne        ║
║ し     ║ Sheep          ║
║ び     ║ Bees           ║

and so on, for all the typical sounds you usually find.

That would make a lot of order in my mind :innocent:


@Clippership made a great one here WaniKani Mnemonics Chart (work in progress)


thanks for sharing that. i get angry sometimes because the same one is used for different sounds (short and long) and i get it wrong!


That shouldn’t be happening. E-mail them and tell them to fix it.

Got any specific examples?

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i think some cookies/cooties ones? can’t remember specifics.

there are no short and long sounds in french so it kills me!

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