Do WK levels follow JLPT?

So, there’s 60 levels and they are indeed divided in 5 groups, just as there are 5 levels of JLPT. My question is, after I finish the 20th level (and so finishing the first group, “Pleasent”), am I ready on kanji and vocabulary to take the N5 JLPT? Or there is no relation?

Presumably you mean JLPT. Also, there are 6 “groups” of levels on WK, but those are really just cute names they made up that really only mean anything on the forums. You can access a specific section of the forum depending on which section of the site you’ve made it to.

There’s no relationship between WK levels and any other arrangement of kanji.

You can see on the site what percentage of each JLPT level’s kanji you’ll know as you progress.

Also, there’s no official list of what kanji are for each level of the JLPT, so any lists you see are just people’s best guesses based on things that have appeared before. But something could be on N3 one year, and N2 the next, etc.


Thanks! Yeah, JLPT, I wrote with a N because I was thiking “nihongo” hahaha

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The seems to not accept my API key. Do you know if it’s still working? I’m thinking of writing something similar but if wkstats already does all I want I’m thinking it might be superfluous.

Are you using it still?

There is an updated version of wkstats. It takes API version 2. ^^

The original still works for me. Are you sure you’re putting in the old API 1?

Use the API Version 1 Key for that one. Scroll down way to the bottom in WaniKani — Log in

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Ah, that’s perfect. Got it working. That gives me exactly what I wanted, thank you!

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