Do Reviews Pile Up While Unsubscribed?

Hey all, I just found out I’ll probably be camp counseling this summer, and I won’t have internet access except on weekends…which sadly means no more WaniKani until the Fall. :frowning_face: I’m planning to unsubscribe (I’m on the monthly subscription) and then re-subscribe once school starts up. I’ll hopefully be working through Genki and possibly Remembering the Kanji if it doesn’t cost too much, so maybe – just maybe – I won’t even have to do a reset.


Do reviews pile up while you’re unsubscribed? I’d hate to come back in the fall to thousands of reviews. Do I need to put it on vacation mode and then unsubscribe?

Thanks for the help!

I don’t know if this is true, but I found this in an archived thread:

It seems like there may be a setting that sets you on vacation mode automatically when unsubscribing? Or it just puts you on vacation mode automatically? not sure…

I guess that you’ll only have reviews from items from lvl 1 until lvl 3 (the free stuff).

Yeah. A reset might be unavoidable :sweat_smile:

This makes sense.

I mean, you can stop doing new lessons and just review items during the weekends. After Apprentice 4, items will only come back to you after 1 week. I see the reviews becoming quite bearable after a while.

PS: Damn, so many "after"s…

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Also, I found this:

" That is correct. While you are unsubscribed, you only have access to 1-3. When you resubscribe, you regain your old progress, and can access all material again.

Additionally, if you leave the default settings on your account, your account will go into Vacation mode, which means your reviews will be paused, and you won’t have a massive review pile when you return."

I can’t find the setting, but maybe it’s because I’m lifetime =P

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I was wondering the same thing. The setting doesn’t seem to be there anymore, but I’m also Lifetime.

When you move from subscription to free, anything above the freemium levels will “freeze”. Anything below and at the the maximum freemium levels are still active.

If you resubscribed, the paid levels “unfreeze” and you’ll start off where you have left off (timings and all).


^^ If this guy was working for Elon Musk I’d have my 2 BR condo with a balcony view of Olympus Mons by now.

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