Do I use 女 or 女の人?

Hi everyone

Sorry if this has been asked before but can someone help me understand the difference between 女 (おんな) and 女の人 (おんなのひと)

It might be really obvious and I’m just missing it but when I’m using Kaniwani it’s asking for the spelling of Woman, but I always give the wrong answer.

It’s the same with girl, there are 2 versions and I don’t think I understand enough about the grammar rules.

Please someone save this dummy from making silly mistakes!! :sob:


For Kaniwani you can make them synonyms of each other, so no matter which you enter both are accepted. Or you could add synonyms here on WK that will differentiate them like “longer word” and that will show up in the prompt on KW.

As for actually using them, 女 is very blunt to use on its own most of the time, so when referring to someome else it’s safer to use 女の人 or 女性.


Thank you so much, I’ll try that and I’ll use 女の人 in practice :heartpulse:

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