Do burned items ever go up for review?

And if they do not is there some way to do a manual review of the burned pile to throw the ones I fail back into the review rotation?


They don’t come back into rotation, but there are ways to review your burned items. Also you can put burned items back into review.
Under extra study on the main page, there are options for recent lessons and for burned items. To bring a burned item back into rotation, you have to go to the page for that item and click the resurrect button near the bottom.


In the “Extra Study” section of the main page, you should see the number of burned items you have. You can click on that to study them.

A little lower on the main page is the “Burned Items in the Last 30 Days” section. You can click on “See more burned items…” and it will show you all your burned items. If you select one, and scroll all the way down to the bottom, there is a “Resurrect” button, which will put it back into your normal “Reviews,” but I think it sets it all the way back to “Apprentice” level.

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Unfortunately, I don’t know how to reference other people’s post; so I’ll give you ‘old-fashion’ directions at the end. But wct gave a detailed, informed method for reviewing burnt items that gives you good background information to let you know what’s happening and what options you have available to you.

I’m using it right now for my first review of burnt items and it works like a charm! So, this is what you should do:

  1. Do a search for “Best way to review burnt items.” This will bring you to a new topic posted by PiSilky.

  2. Scroll down about 12 replies and you will see a reply by “wct” which will have a Bold Heading (The ‘Rolling Reset’).

  3. Read and learn!

To all out there, I tried to find how to reference a previous post to no avail. If someone will post how to do it, I’m sure it will help more that just me. Thanks!

My unsolicited advice is: make sure you don’t spend too much time on things like this. (Like, maybe do a quick pass once every few months, but things like the ‘rolling reset’ are probably not worth the time cost for most learners.) Ideally, spend that time on reading instead. Let me try to make a couple different arguments for that, because I don’t think I would have believed this before I started reading:

  • A lot of words that I struggled with are finally locked into place after running into them a few times in native materials or Satori Reader. Especially the things that felt arbitrary while I was solely doing WK - rendaku, multiple on’yomi to choose from, etc. It would have taken a ton of painful WK reviews to get the same effect.
  • When you start reading and you run into burned words you’ve forgotten, that’s a great time to unburn them. (Or, you may adopt a second vocab SRS, and then you can add them there.)
  • One way to think about WK is that we’re just memorizing a dictionary. What’s the point of memorizing a dictionary? To reduce the number of lookups we have to do when reading. If that’s the case, I’d rather study a lot of dictionary words to ‘good enough’ rather than study just a few dictionary words really well. It feels bad to not be 100% on some of the words you studied, but honestly at some point it’s best to just keep pressing forward and learning new ones.

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THANKS!!! I just tried it and, of course, it works :smile: