Display notes on failure / skip faster on success?

Good news! There are userscripts for each of your complaints. (I also added my two cents on each in the spoilers)

Script to automatically display info when you get a question wrong : WaniKani Review Wrong Info Click (as already provided above by @gzovak)

I don’t like to use this one because when I answer incorrectly, I like to make myself think about what the correct answer is before checking it in the item info

Script for preventing you from automatically skipping past a wrong answer due to bashing the enter button : Wanikani Mistake Delay 1.0.3 (Block 'Enter' for 1s if answer is wrong) [No longer supported]

I use this one. It really does help as I, too, am an enter button basher.

Script for automatic pass to next question if you answer correctly : [UserScript] WaniKani Lightning Mode

I don’t like to use this one because a lot of the kanji/vocab have synonyms and sometimes I like to look at what those are before moving on to the next review item

I hope this helps you enjoy WaniKani more. :slight_smile: