Display all 3 lessons tab on one page


I just spent an hour installing and modifying the WaniKani website with scripts (I’m on level 15/10 months into using it) and am loving most things that I just modified. However, after doing a lot of searching, I don’t see the main thing I came for, which is “displaying all lesson information on one page”. I use FlamingDurtles on my phone and love to do lessons on it as it’s faster to see all three tabs in one screen. I want the same experience while using the website (Windows/Chrome), instead of having to click through three tabs/pages for each new lesson. Is there some way to make this dream come true? Thank you!!

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I don’t remember seeing any such script, so best chance is some scripter agreeing with you and creating it

I decided to whip up a quick script for this (read not production ready) since I thought it would be a good idea.

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This is awesome! Thanks for getting one created so quickly. :slight_smile:

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