What personal mnemonics do you use?

WaniKani uses mnemonics to help with remembering the phonetics of kanji. Most of the time it’s helpful due to the imagery they give (I’m looking at you Hard Gay) but sometimes things just don’t stick. What are some of your personal mnemonics that you use to help remember the kanji?

Here are mine:
けん: Kentucky Fried Chicken.
おか: Okanagan
ぜい: Zayn from 1 direction
がい: Guy Sensei from Naruto.

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I’m using vocab as mnemonics. “that’s たい from 体験, that’s ぼう from 暴力, that’s もん from 質問” … works perfectly fine for me.


I find that using, ahem, ‘cock’ for かく doesn’t work for me, because I don’t have an American accent so it therefore sounds more like こく and that gets confusing.

I use something along the lines of ‘you really cacked that up, didn’t you?’ instead.

whenever possible, i try to associate a syllable or word with the name of a person i know personally (e.g., Dan, Kai, Tai, Sara) or from anime (e.g., Rei, Migi).

i mean, how can i forget 右 with an image like this:

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赤 = あかtsuki members in Naruto have black and RED outfits
丸 = When you take the CIRCLE / loop line (yamanote) in Tokyo, you often walk past the まるnouchi Line
車 = rikSCHA

广 will always be mullet to me, forever, in my heart


さい means boring in dutch, I just call that a boring kanji or the meaning is boring and that seems to help.

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Okay this on is weird but…
北斗の拳 (ほくとのけん) for けん.
Because when I was younger, watching the anime, there was an opening like
KEN survivant de l’enfer, KEN toujours croise le fer.
(Yes, french TV used KEN for Kenshiro and the dubbing is either genius or total garbage because of violence and children, the more you know).

I had difficulty in remembering the reading for 占(せん) and 点(てん), but I just realised that 点 has exactly ten line segments in it! So consider that leech gone. :blush:

(I know it’s not ten lines when you write it properly, but just let me have this please :sob:)

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