Different reading explanations for Kanji in App and website? (River —> COWs / CAr WAsh)

not sure if you can help me or if I have to contact the App developers, but I was wondering why there is different content for Reading explanations for Kanji, depending on if I am using the app or the website. How can I synchronise both? I would prefer the website explanation (in my example for 川), is it often that the Reading explanations differ?

Thank you very much in advance!

There is no official app for Wanikani at this point in time. You would have to contact the app developers to synchronize their content.

I think there was a recent update on this particular one as can be seen below. As this happened only today, maybe a later update on the app will be done to rectify these changes.

Hope this helps!



Oh, I like that. “Cow” was a bit of a stupid mnemonic.

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I used the ninja turtles as my mnemonic for this.

The turtles got to the river and what did Michaelangelo say: "“KAWA-bunga”!

:smirk: lame, I know…


Thank you so much for your answers!! :smiley: Really helpful!

inspectatoro, do you use your own mnemonics also in Wanikani or do you have a second „learning environment“?

enanu :chipmunk:

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"chatty chatty with Enanu

I do but only for the ones that do not stick. Most of the mnemonics work really well for me. The stories the WK team has created is funny and out of whack sometimes that it does not make sense to change it. It’s part of what we paid after all! :sweat_smile:

Some kanji I kept getting wrong though, so I would make my own mnemonics. I have the benefit of having been exposed to English since I was 3, formal schooling for it around 5.5 years old so it is like a native language to me. However some stubborn kanji and vocab work really well on my native language and I find that the mnemonics that I make using that stick better than the rest. So if the occasion allows it I would make a non-English mnemonic.

My other learning environments are BunPro, the Genki I book, and my out-for-delivery copy of Dictionary of Japanese Grammar (the yellow book, shipping is taking so long I am so excited :laughing:). Feel free to tag me if you have any questions. I would love to help. I am not up there as the other senpai’s (looking at you gold badges, haha :laughing:) but I hope to be able to assist you in your learning journey


Oh great, thank you so much for your experiences and recommendations. I just downloaded BunPro to give it a try. :nerd_face:

I started learning Japanese quite some time ago with みんなの日本語 in a local language class here in Germany, but I was unable to learn for a year now. I am more than motivated to start through again as I will spend some time in Japan in March and April.

So thanks again, I will definitely raise my hand with any questions! :smiley:


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