Desire for MacOS Menu Bar tool?

Hi all, new to WK here (currently level 4). I was lookin through the ultimate userscript thread and was surprised by the lack of tools that weren’t directly tied to the website itself. I see a few tools linked such as the BitBar plugin but they all ultimately require another program to be downloaded - one too many layers imo. Is there any desire for a MacOS menu bar tool similar to the one linked above, that shows your pending reviews/lessons and possibly notifies the user? I do some iOS development on the side so I’m sure I could figure out something for MacOS Thanks!


What would you want this menu bar tool to do?

I was thinking it would have similar functionality as the BitBar one - shows and links your current lessons and reviews, and maybe shows some basic statistics.

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Does it need to be on the menu bar or could it be like a macOS 11 widget?

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Ooh great suggestion. I might start with the menu bar downloadable app first then see about a widget? Just because macOS 11 isn’t out yet and won’t have as large of a tester base

Looking forward to trying out what you come up with!

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This would be cool. It would also be interesting as a script for BetterTouchTool, to put it on the touch bar.

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Oh that’s dope, never knew this was a thing. Maybe that can be the next step?

This would be great, and as a first step, even just a simple menu bar item telling you amount of lessons and reviews, and a notification on new reviews would be so useful.

Yup, the BitBar plugin that’s my current inspiration just shows the number of pending Lessons/Reviews and the number of items in each SRS level. I’m not looking to go too into detail as I think users will prefer to click through to the actual website for info more in-depth than that, but maybe once the first version is live I might add some more functionality based on feedback.

The reason I wondering about that is that Tsurukame (the iOS app) is considering adding an iOS/macOS widget in a future release, and I thought maybe you might consider contributing to it. This might not be the path you want to take, but even if not, I wish you luck on your coding!

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Ah that’s cool, I’ve used Tsurukane for the past few weeks but hadn’t considered contributing. I’ll probably start with the menu bar app then see if I can’t contribute to Tsurukane’s Widgets.

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Please check out Sindre Sorhus on github. He has loads of free open-source apps you can check out and get inspiration from.

He also creates tools which assist in making macOS apps.

(to name a few)

Also he’s curated a list of macOS apps and tools which should also be useful.

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Almost looks like an ad there… who’s paying you? :wink:

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Wonderful Mac apps not made by me is payment enough…


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