[Decided] Haven't used wanikani in a long time.. Should I start over?

I’ve started my Japanese journey pretty long ago, and have been studying on and off a lot.
I’ve made a wanikani account a while back, learnt the basics, and quit. (Not learning japanese entirely, just wanikani)

I really want to pick it up again, but it’s been so long and I forgot EVERYTHING.
I feel like maybe I should just start over and learn everything from scratch?
I wasn’t that far into my studies anyways, but I’m planning on doing at least a little bit every day.

What do you think? Start over? Or just go on with this account and hope it works out?

Thank you very much! n___n

Since you’re level 2, it’s basically like 3 days of progress you’d be losing.

I’d say go for it.


First things first, you can reset your level on a single account, so if you do decide to start over, you can still use this account, if you want. At 1st level, there isn’t much content, but if it’s been a while and you don’t remember anything, I’d recommend a reset. My dad always tells me that it’s better to whole-ass one thing than to half-ass several things, if that helps any! Really, it comes down to personal factors; i.e., do you already have a good memory, are you particularly talented in Japanese, can you retain information easily and quickly, et cetera. If it were me, I would want to reset, tell myself that I was going to reset, and then not reset, because I’m wildly inconsistent with my everything. (Note: Do not be like me. Be competent, not lentement!)


Given that you’re only level two, I’d say just keep going. Presumably you haven’t yet burned the level 1 & 2 items so they’ll come up again in your reviews (which shouldn’t be more than a couple hundred at worst) and end up falling down and showing up more frequently in your reviews if you get them wrong which should give you the necessary amount of practice imo. FWIW, I am currently digging myself out of a massive review backlog (~2500) after not having consistent time to focus on wanikani for the past five months. My accuracy was horrible at first so I wasn’t making much progress on things that weren’t solid and kept having tons of additional reviews every day. Reordering my lessons and reviews to focus on my current level has been a godsend and is helping me make steady progress and keep going with good motivation. I wish you luck either way you go —just decide and go for it!! Good luck on your Wanikani journey.

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You scared me lol. Level 2? On free subscription? Come on, man. Actually both decisions are fine because you only lose 3 days in the worst case scenario.

@Moniot Hey, we are at the same level. If I were you, I would use re-order script to do mainly Kanji then do as much vocab’ as I feel like doing. Good luck…ah yeah don’t reset! :joy:

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Haha! This is great :laughing: Your dad is awesome :sunglasses:


hahah I know I know, I just want to really go for it this time and I wondered what other people thought c: Gonna get the paid subscription too now! ^^

Thank you all SO MUCH for your replies!! n____n
I decided to reset and really go for it c: I wasn’t that far anyways, so it’s fine u v u

I’m also gonna pay for it! Good luck everyone on your wanikani journey, and thank you for helping me! This community is amazing ^^


Unless you’re going for lifetime right away, I would wait until the end of level 3, that one is still free!


ah okay! Then I’m gonna wait a bit n___n
Thank you!

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